’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Admits Lying About Azan and $6k – “Sick” of TLC Show

90 Day Fiance‘s Nicole Nafziger just admitted two big lies she and Azan Tefou told. One was about the $6,000 and their alleged make-up store. Given that Nicole is a single mom on a budget living in a tiny apartment, it seemed an amazing feat that she saved up that much money to bring with her to Morocco. Now, Nicole admits there never was thousands of dollars or a store — she and Azan made it all up!

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Admits She and Azan Tefou Lied

For longtime watchers of the TLC show, there’s been ongoing suspicion that Azan was using Nicole for money, a green card to the US, or both. Now, it seems that at least one of these is not part of the equation. While Nicole Nafziger said she sent Azan money in the past, the big chunk of cash mentioned on the most recent scenes with them never existed. In an Instagram Live Q&A, Nicole wrote “plot twist” and then added “no store” and “there was no 6k”.

Then, the 90 Day Fiance single mom added “why did we lie? Because we suck at reality tv”. Nicole Nafziger declared “idk” and “I’m so tired of this show”. Nicole and Azan Tefou stumbled into the reality show spotlight several years ago. Since then, the scrutiny has been relentless. Viewers harass Nicole. Memesters mock her. And social commenters barrage her about her fiance not caring about her. It’s little wonder that she might be sick of the show and its collateral damage.

Nicole Says “Sorry” to TLC and Fans

During the 90 Day Fiance cast member’s Insta AMA, someone else bounced back asking about the store and money and said “that was all made up?”. Nicole Nafziger came clean and said, “Yes, basically”. Then she pressed on and added, “Sorry tlc”. Then she added she’s “tired of y’all” meaning the network. But Azan Tefou’s fiancee was quick to clarify that “they didn’t tell us to say it”. So, while TLC was caught red-handed orchestrating other drama (Jay-Ashley….), this time they did not.

It sure sounded like Nicole was also fibbing to her family since her mother Robbalee seemed convinced her daughter gave Azan Tefou a fat stack of cash. Unless her mother was also playing along (and she did not seem to be), then there more associates lies. It’s little wonder that Azan Tefou was struggling to make eye contact. One thing is obvious. Her 90 Day Fiance did NOT seem very adept at lying with the TLC cameras in his face.

The next plan for Azan and Nicole seems to be getting married overseas and applying for a spousal visa. So, there has been chatter that these two might appear on The Other Way spinoff. But based on her recent Q&A, Nicole Nafziger seems done with TLC, reality TV, and having her relationship chronicled for the cameras. But there’s still lots more to come from them in HEA this season.

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