’90 Day Fiance’: Mursel Disses American Pizza – Misses Turkey Already [Recap]

This 90 Day Fiance recap shows Mursel Mistanoglu is underwhelmed with the landscape of Nebraska. And not a fan of American pizza. He misses his homeland already and jams to Turkish music in the car. Tania Maduro and friends give Syngin Colchester a warm welcome with flowers and champagne, and that’s just at baggage claim.

Also, Juliana Custodio‘s having a little trouble with immigration. They seem to think she’s got a shady past as an escort. Also, Anny arrives from the Dominican Republic ready for action, but Robert’s son Bryson bounces off the walls. So, grab a slice of pepperoni and let’s dig in to season 7 episode 2 recap of They Don’t Know.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Mursel Mistanoglu’s Not Feeling Nebraska

Mursel Mistanoglu and she-bee Anna Campisi spent the night at the airport hotel in Chicago. Then, they make the long drive to Nebraska. Anna says the night was “great”. But, Mursel’s not excited by the corn fields and flat plains as they drive. On 90 Day Fiance he puts on Turkish music and dances in his seat to quell the boredom. Later, they roll up to Anna’s and he meets her sons.

The oldest freaks out when he tries to hug him. First things first, Anna teaches them to use the translator app to speak to him. On 90 Day Fiance, the boys play video games. But, Mursel doesn’t think it’s good to play every day. So, the oldest asks via app if he’s going to “give them rules”. He says no. Next, they order pizza.

Then, while Anna’s kids devour the cheesy goodness, Mursel Mistanoglu acts the pizza snob. Mursel hands back his slice (to production) and raves about Turkish pizza. However, oldest son Joey says he’s not interested in getting to know the pie-dissing interloper.

Anna’s Mom Needs A Beer and Some Answers – In That Order

Anna and her middle son Dino take Mursel Mistanoglu to a sports bar for lunch with her mother. Mama’s a real treat. She wants to know what Mursel is wearing around his shoulders. Then, she wants to borrow it and use it as a bib. She orders a beer with an orange in it. Anna asks Mursel Mistanoglu if she can have a beer.

But, Mursel’s a conservative Muslim so he doesn’t drink. He tells her no and she switches to water. On 90 Day Fiance this doesn’t sit well with mom Charlene. Especially, when Mursel Mistanoglu says drinking makes people fat as he eyes her belly. Mama wants to know if he’ll stone her daughter. Then, a mortified Mursel says no way. Come on. This all feels liked staged dialog.

Anna’s mom wants to know what Mursel Mistanoglu’s family thinks about her sons. Anna admits they don’t know. He says they’d take issue she had kids and isn’t married. Mama needs another beer ASAP. Anna admits Syngin asked her to move to Turkey and leave the boys. Mursel Mistanoglu confesses he may go back if his family gripes. On 90 Day Fiance, he says maybe. That stings (bee pun intended…).

Tania Maduro Gives Syngin Colchester a Tourist Welcome in Times Square – 90 Day Fiance

Tania and her squad pick up Syngin at the airport. Armed with a corner store bouquet and a bottle of Brut. Tania’s so nervous, her stomach is dropping out of her vajajay. Inside baggage claim, the girls drop flower petals and a custodian comes to sweep up. They whine at him to stop. Syngin emerges and scoops up Tania. She commands her entourage to pop the champagne on 90 Day Fiance.

Back at the hotel, Syngin and Tania want alone time and kick out her friends. After Syngin and Tania knock one out, the girls return and it’s party time. They do a round of shots and hit Times Square. Syngin loves the “concrete jungle”. Next, Tania blindfolds the manic South African and orders her minions to set up the next prop including  flags and a banner.

On 90 Day Fiance, the couple and her pals do touristy stuff. Syngin is clearly enjoying himself. He says he’s only seen America on TV. And he’s thrilled to see skyscrapers. Unlike poor Mursel who’s first experience was corn fields, crappy pizza and rude teenagers. Syngin wishes he had 180 days to decide to marry Tania. Wait till he finds out he’ll be living in a she-shed.

Julianna Custodio  Maxes Out Michael Jessen’s Credit Card on A New Car

Michael speeds through town in his sports car to buy jewelry for Brazilian trophy babe Juliana. The 40-something divorced dad heads to Brazil later. Juliana has her visa interview. And he needs to be there to hold her hand among other things. He asks the jeweler to fashion something red white and blue and Brazilian gold and green.

The jeweler says he’ll cough something up for 4 grand. On 90 Day Fiance, Michael gets a call from Juliana. It seems she’s shopping with Michael’s credit card and it’s maxed out. Probably because she bought a car with it the day before. Even though she’s supposed to be moving to the US soon. The jeweler is laughing at what he overhears.

Producers ask how much money Michael’s given to Juliana over time. He says he’s not sure. But the number is around one hundred thousand not including the new whip. Maybe we should call Michael 90k fiance…

Immigration Asks Juliana if She’s a Pro on 90 Day Fiance

Michael arrives in Rio de Janeiro to meet Juliana. The two suck face and he tells her she’s skinny. She says it’s because she’s sad he’s not there. He tells her she’s just a poor Brazilian girl when he’s not there. She tells him to stop. And obviously that’s not true because she just bought a car with his plastic while he was getting ripped off by a jeweler in CT.

Later on 90 Day Fiance, Juliana has her interview. While the cameras and Michael weren’t allowed in, she sulks out. It seems they asked if she’s a prostitute. Michael chalks it up to her being a young model with lots of stamps in her passport. He’s offended and says he never had to pay for sex. Although his MasterCard provider might beg to differ.

Emily Larina Meets Sasha’s Ex Masha

Emily Larina’s about to pop any day. She wants to meet up baby daddy fiance Sasha’s first ex-wife Masha. She is the mother of Sasha’s son Daniel. And the pair want her to agree  to let Daniel visit America. Sasha explains Masha was crazy and difficult. And that led him to knock up another girl. But we’re wondering if Sasha & Masha’s smush name was Smasha.

On 90 Day Fiance, Sasha explains wife number two was ok but didn’t like his muscles. And slips that he was already talking to Emily by then. Who did like his gun show. So much so they made tiny Sasha number 3. And Jihoon thought he had super sperm… He’s got nothing on the Bolshevik baby maker. Thank you 90 Day Fiance.

The meeting of baby mamas is super awkward. And, his toothy ex looks like she wants to eat Emily alive. Then, Masha says they should stay in Russia. Emily says Sasha decided to move to America. In an aside, Masha says Sasha’s selfish. And when it comes to her ex, “where the wind blows, there a man flies”. Later, she says Emily’s his excuse to get to America.

She’s scary but right. Emily waddles out for air. And Masha tells Sasha she doesn’t want him to leave.

Bryson Bounces And Kills Vibe for Anny And Robert on 90 Day Fiance

Robert’s in love with Anny from the DR. She’s headed to America on the K-1 Visa. Robert meets Juan for a cold one and the obligatory friend scene. Juan’s also from the DR. Before the foam settles on the beer, Juan warns him Dominican women are all about the dollars. And points out he doesn’t know her that well. Being he only spent one day with her.

But Robert’s not hearing it. He loves her and that’s it. On 90 Day Fiance, Juan tells a K-1 horror story. Then, Robert says “you live you learn if you crash you burn”. Who knew he was a regular Aristotle. He says he’s going through with it. Next, Juan asks if he’s sent her money. He admits he has but said it’s not because she asked. He just did it. Juan just shakes his head.

Later, Robert and adorable son Bryson go to meet Anny at the airport. He schools him on putting down the toilet seat. Bryson thinks it’s nasty. Later, Anny descends like a denim dream. Bryson beats dad to the punch and jumps in her arms. Back at Casa de Robert, Anny learns they’ll all sleep in one small bed.

Adorable Bryson’s wired so dad doesn’t get any. So, watch next week to see if Anny gives the Uber driver a ride…

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