’90 Day Fiance’: Molly’s BFF Cynthia Lost Another Beloved Family Member

90 Day Fiance celeb and Molly Hopkins‘ best friend Cynthia Decker had another tragic loss after commemorating the third anniversary of her foster son’s death. It was a hard day as she remembered her late son and celebrated his life. Unfortunately, Cynthia just lost another beloved family member this week. Here’s the info on her latest heartbreak.

90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Decker Celebrate’s Late Son’s Life

You’ll remember Cynthia Decker as Molly Hopkins’ business partner and best friend from Pillow Talk and other TLC spinoffs. Sadly, three years ago, on June 19, 2017, she lost her 17-year-old foster son, Mahlon Thornton, to a tragic accident. Mahlon was on his way home from a fishing trip with a buddy when his friend fell asleep at the wheel. The truck veered off the road, hitting a tree. He died at the scene while the driver suffered a broken arm.

The 90 Day Fiance personality commemorated his life on the three-year anniversary of his death. In a touching tribute, Cynthia Decker remembered her son and the wild animals she says Mahlon sends to her as a sign. Now, Cynthia’s going through another hard loss.

90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Decker

Beloved Dog Lost After Rough Life

It’s another difficult week for Cynthia Decker, and her family, as they’ve suffered another devastating loss. This time it’s a four-legged member of their family, she treasured dearly. Their little dog, Stimpy (AKA Stink), crossed the rainbow bridge. And 90 Day Fiance‘s BFF of Molly shared some beautiful words about her late pet.

“Today we close a large chapter of our lives.” Cynthia Decker said, “We had to say goodbye to our 17 yr old Chihuahua”. According to the 90 Day Fiance co-star, Stimpy endured a lot in his life including “3 dog attacks, prostate cancer, collapsed trachea, and heart murmur.” Cynthia said Stimpy went “through many storms with me.” Plus, he’s been there for the rest of her family, too.

90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Decker

90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Says She’s “At Peace”

Although it was a difficult loss, Cynthia Decker could also see a brighter side to losing her beloved pup. “He will be truly missed, but I know he is with Mahlon now,” she says. Not only does that make her feel better about the situations, but Cynthia also says, “I am at peace.”

Fans, pet owners, and animal lovers gave Cynthia from 90 Day Fiance their condolences. It’s hard to lose a pet that’s been through so much by her side. Yet, Cynthia Decker knows he’s at peace, so she can be too.

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