’90 Day Fiance’: Molly Hopkins Pregnant?

90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins left fans on the edge of the seat after showing one of her friends something on her phone. Has she just revealed that she is pregnant?

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins Talks Family

90 Day Fiance personality Molly Hopkins has a new man in her life, and they are starting to get serious. That means awkward serious talks about what they both want out of life. Her man Kelly is taking a week to come to where she lives and get to know her version of the world. During this time, he meets both of Molly’s children and her friends.

Molly’s daughter, Olivia Hopkins, is very nervous that this guy will be just like Molly’s last relationship with Luis Mendez. But her daughter Kensley Hopkins really likes Kelly and even hopes to see her mom marry him. Kelly says he hopes so too. He also has babies on the mind. When he tells Molly he wants kids; she shuts down. But even though she says she is done having kids, it might be what next for her. All signs point to her being pregnant with the next 90 Day Fiance baby.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins

TLC Star Hides Pregnant Body

90 Day Fiance features Molly Hopkins and her journey to find love. She is a hard-working mom who owns and runs an adult clothing store. She is all about showing off her body, but recently, on her social media, she hasn’t been. Molly usually struts around in clothing she sells at her store, but for the past eight weeks, we’ve only got one full-body pic. And with that, she was holding something in front of her stomach.

She has shown fans of 90 Day Fiance that she and her new man Kelly have visited each other and definitely slept together. She tells her friends she has shocking news and her friend looks very surprised at it. While she does not show cameras, it is clear it’s something big. But Molly says she wants to be done having kids. She even tells this to Kelly when he says that he wants kids.

90 Day Fiance: Kelly

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins Last Chance to Have Baby

Molly Hopkins from 90 Day Fiance says that she is 45 years old. If she is going to have one last baby, this is her shot before her body closes for baby-making business. She already has two children, and she says that’s enough for her. Molly says that having a baby is tiring, and she wasn’t going to be able to have her life as her life. She wants to focus on her business.

But with the world as crazy as it is, unexpected pregnancies do happen. Is Molly ready for this next step with a man she’s only met two times? They still have so much to learn about each other.

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