90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Jbali To Launch IG Page For Pet Bowie After Dog Abuse Accusations

90 Day Fiance star Mohamed Jbali is one proud dog lover. The estranged husband of Danielle Jbali seems to dote on his first ever pet and wants to share their journey together to the public

It seems like the Tunisian reality star is keen on making Bowie an Instagram celeb. This is amid endless criticism about his treatment to the dog.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Jbali Plans To Start Instagram Page Dedicated To Bowie

Earlier this week, Mohamed Jbali announced to his followers that his pet Bowie is getting its very own Instagram page. The 90 Day Fiance celeb seems to adore his Akita and wants everyone to appreciate his charm.


In his post, Mohamed shared an adorable photo of his “handsome” 7-month-old canine, announcing that he’s thinking about setting up its own IG. He even captioned it with a fitting introduction of his pet.

Mohamed also asked suggestions for Bowie’s IG name, promising to mention the winning fan in his dog’s first post.

“I am an American Akita! My name is Bowie, I’m 7 months old and I think I’m handsome enough to have my own IG!!!,” Danielle’s ex-husband wrote. “But I don’t know what to name it. If you help me pick up a name I may mention you in my 1st picture.”

Mohamed Shows Affection To Pet Amid Dog Abuse Backlash

By the looks of it, Mohamed Jbali definitely takes a liking to his furry pal. The 90 Day Fiance alum is not one to shy away in showing his affection to his dog, which he seems to consider his new best friend.

In fact, Mohamed has been posting stunning snaps of Bowie on his social media pages. He also seems to take his role as a dog owner quite seriously.


Recently, Mohamed seeks advice from his followers about the proper way to care for his dog. In his post, the reality alum asked how often he should give Bowie a bath, especially during cold weather.

Mohamed’s apparent affection towards his pet comes amid accusations of dog abuse. Previously, the former TLC star was bombarded with criticism over a photo of Bowie out in the snow and on a chain.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Not Affected By Criticism

Apparently, many find Mohamed Jbali’s treatment to his dog cruel.  But it seems like the 90 Day Fiance alum is not fazed by the controversy.

Danielle’s former husband only addressed the issue once and never said anything about it again. Shortly after fans accused him of dog abuse, Mohamed took to Instagram to defend himself.

90 Day Fiance - Mohamed Jbali

The reality celeb defended his decision to put the dog on a chain. Mohamed pointed out that his Akita is only a few months old and needs the chain to keep him from running away. He also reiterated that Bowie has thick fur and loves the cold weather.

By the looks of it, Mohamed is trying to block all the negativity and focuses more on his dog.

Danielle’s Ex-Husband Turns 31

Meanwhile, Mohamed Jbali just celebrated his 31st birthday. The 90 Day Fiance celeb also revealed that his dog turned 7 months on the same day, making it a double celebration.


“Happy Birthday to us,” Mohamed wrote. “Today at midnight I become 31 and my buddy is gonna become 7 months!!! It’s incredible how we both have the same birthday!”

What do you think of Mohamed Jbali’s plan to set up an IG page for Bowie? Do you think he’s treating his dog properly? Or was he being cruel?

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