’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Jessen’s Daughter Cece Has Emergency Scare – Rushed to Hospital

90 Day Fiance star Michael Jessen had to recently take one of his children to the hospital. His daughter Cece Jessen had an allergic reaction after she drank a smoothie containing peanut butter. Cece is Michael’s second child with his ex-wife Sarah Jessen. Cece captured the hearts of many TLC viewers. So, when Michael shared the news about Cece fans hoped for a speedy recovery.

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90 Day Fiance – Michael Jessen Takes Daughter CeCe To Hospital

Michael Jessen recently suffered a parenting scare. It is scary when you see that your child’s health is suffering. Due to this scare, the 90 Day Fiance cast member spent some time in the emergency room with Cece Jessen.  He had to take his daughter to the hospital after she had an allergic reaction. Family time spent drinking smoothies ended with a trip to the hospital.

The 90 Day Fiance father took to social media to share the scary news. Michael Jessen shared a picture of Cece Jessen sitting in a hospital bed. She seemingly was receiving a breathing treatment. He wrote that his daughter has a peanut allergy. He explained that Cece was accidentally given a smoothie that had peanut butter in it as an ingredient. So, Cece had a bad reaction to the drink. Which led Michael to have to take his daughter to seek medical help.

90 Day Fiance: Cece Jessen - Max Jessen

Michael Jessen Thankful CeCe Is Healthy Again

Michael Jessen was lucky that Cece Jessen’s situation wasn’t too serious. She was able to recover from it. Michael admitted online that he is thankful that it wasn’t “a full-blown anaphylactic shock.” Since it could have been more serious and fatal. If she didn’t get help right away. Michael is relieved that the reaction was only mild.

The 90 Day Fiance TV star also shared online that Cece Jessen is doing fine. She is recovering back to health. He wrote on the post that Cece is “tip-top and back to full health.” Surely, Michael will be more paranoid when he gives his kids a smoothie again.

90 Day Fiance Fans Send Get Well Messages

90 Day Fiance fans were quick to wish Michael Jessen’s second-born Cece Jessen a speedy recovery. One fan wrote, “glad you are feeling better Cece.” The fan added that “stuff like this makes you realize what is truly important in life.” Fellow castmate Tom Brooks also sent a get well wish. Tom wrote, “hope she gets better soon.”

On the other hand, one 90 Day Fiance viewer gave Michael Jessen some advice to avoid another allergy scare. This time may have not been too serious. But, next time Cece may not be as lucky. So, one fan suggested that Michael should “always carry the Epipen.” But, many fans agreed that they “hate the fact that kids are allergic to peanuts.”

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