’90 Day Fiance’: Did Michael Ilesanmi’s American Dream Come True – Is He in the U.S’?

90 Day Fiance star Michael Ilesanmi was hoping his dream of living in America would come true after he and Angela Deem got married. Currently on Happily Ever After, Angela and her fiance Michael are on the road to their wedding.

Soap Dirt fans know that the pair do eventually make it down the aisle.  But, now, many are wondering if Michael’s dream has come true. Is he in the states?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Michael Ilesanmi Pushes for Angela to Live in Nigeria

The new season of Happily Ever After showed 90 Day Fiance alum Michael Ilesanmi welcoming Angela Deem back to Nigeria. He wasn’t able to get the approval of his fiance visa, so he and Angela aim to get the spousal visa instead.

Angela Deem wanted to get married in America so she could have her family there to witness the special event. However, without the visa, she couldn’t make that happen. So Angela had agreed to get married to Michael Ilesanmi in Nigeria. But, now that she is in the country, Michael is hoping that she will be willing to move there.

However, the 90 Day Fiance reality star has a hard time convincing Angela Deem to move to Nigeria. Michael Ilesanmi explained to Angela that Nigerian wives tend to be submissive to their husbands. But, that doesn’t sit well with Angela.

Angela Deem made it clear to Michael that she is an American lady who doesn’t bow down to any man. So, the chances of her staying in the country are slim. However, Michael Ilesanmi isn’t against the idea of moving to the America. In face, he wants to move to the U.S. more than anything.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi - Angela Deem - Happily Ever After

Angela Deem and Michael Tie the Knot

Once Angela Deem was reunited with Michael Ilesanmi, the two started to plan their wedding. However, wedding planning doesn’t go smoothly. Michael wants to have a big wedding with many guests. But, Angela doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for the ceremony. Yet, she doesn’t mind dropping money for her flowers. However, Angela does call the wedding off a few times during the planning process. So, do the 90 Day Fiance duo get married?

The 90 Day Fiance couple does end up tying the knot. SD broke the news that Angela Deem became Michael Ilesanmi’s wife earlier this year. The TLC cameras were there to capture the special moment, so fans will eventually get to see it on an upcoming episode. For the ceremony, Michael wore a blue suit, while Angela Deem wore an ivory gown. Now that their marriage is official, is Michael on his way to America?

90 Day Fiance Celeb Finally in America?

Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem have now been husband and wife for almost eight months. Angela is back in the states, but Michael is not with her.

It’ not only the global pandemic that has put Michael Ilesanmi’s dream to live in America on hold. The processing of spousal visas had been put on pause when offices had to shut down due to the virus outbreak. But there are bigger obstacles for the 90 Day Fiance TLC couple.

There is a ban on Nigerians immigrating to America. Currently, it is virtually impossible for a Nigerian to immigrate to the United States on a spousal visa. There are servicemen that have been trying for years to bring their wives and children to the States. So, it would almost take a miracle for Michael to be given a spousal visa to be with Angela in Georgia.

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