’90 Day Fiance’: Max Jessen in Hospital Following Accident

90 Day Fiance‘s Max Jessen is in the hospital. Michael Jessen’s young son Max had an accident and it required several stitches at the hospital.

90 Day Fiance Update: Max Jessen in the Hospital

Max Jessen shared with TLC fans what happened. It turns out he “banged” his head on a water fountain. In addition, he posted pics online while in the hospital. And, you can see a cut just above his eye. He went on to say he is getting stitches for the injury.

Meanwhile, his father, 90 Day Fiance‘s Michael Jessen, hasn’t commented publicly on the situation. Max Jessen didn’t specify where the injury happened. But, it could have happened during school hours as today was a school day. Luckily, it seems like a minor injury overall.

90 Day Fiance: Max Jessen

90 Day Fiance: Max Gets Stitches

After Max shared pictures of his injury, he received stitches while in the hospital. Max again shared some more pictures of what he calls the “stitchuation” and made a hashtag out of it. Overall, he seems to be fine. And, he seems to be keeping his spirits up.

TLC watchers enjoy his sense of humor this season – along with what he and sister CeCe Jessen bring to the show.

90 Day Fiance can be high drama a lot of the time. But, Max Jessen and his sister are fan favorites this season. Moreover, they cut a lot of the tension with their humor. And, most viewers are happy to know that Michael Jessen’s son is doing well following the incident.

Well Wishes from Fellow Stars and Fans

Many viewers and 90 Day Fiance cast members wish Max Jessen well online. Fellow cast member Sasha Larin said “Scars adorn a man”. And, the young boy agreed. Many other fans echo a similar sentiment. And, some users even joke that the girls are going to love it.

All in all, Max Jessen seems to be doing fine. And, it looks like the “stitchuation” is under control. Certainly, it’ll be worth watching for more updates. But, in the meantime, Max seems to be doing well.

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