’90 Day Fiance’: Loren and Alexei Brovarnik Get a New Roommate

90 Day Fiance alums Loren Goldstone Brovarnik and hubby Alexei Brovarnik are days away from becoming first-time parents. The couple is expecting their son later this month via cesarean section. However, Baby Brov has been quite active in the womb. So it’s likely he’s coming before Loren’s scheduled appointment.

The 90 Day Fiance fan-favorite couple is currently a weekly fixture on TLC’s spin-off series Pillow Talk. Plus the Brovarniks are now also a featured couple on TLC’s What Now series. Their episode dropped a few days ago online.

So while TLC updated 90 Day Fiance viewers with what’s been going on with them, we learn they plan to add a special roommate in addition to Baby Brov. Here’s what we’ve learned about Loren and Alexei’s living situation.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Goldstone & Alexei Brovarnik Prepare For Baby Brov

90 Day Fiance celebrities Loren Goldstone and spouse Alexei Brovarnik are one of the couples showcased on TLC’s What Now. In the latest episode, we learn the couple is expecting their first child. They’ve begun to prepare for their lives to change as they become a family of three. Recall this was filmed before the couple had learned the baby’s gender. So they were still in the relatively early stages of her pregnancy.

90 Day Fiance fans recall  Loren and her partner Alexei are Jewish. So there are many cultural aspects to preparing for a baby’s arrival that is taboo. According to Jewish custom, nothing for the new baby should be in the home before his or her arrival. Things can be purchased but need to be stored off-site. Plus most Jewish mothers forgo a baby shower. Furthermore, in the Jewish faith, a baby’s nursery should not be prepared in advance because it could jeopardize its healthy arrival.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Goldstone Brovarnik - Alexei Brovarnik

Loren & Alexei Brovarnik Plan To Move Her Mom In

90 Day Fiance and Pillow Talk personalities Loren  Goldstone and Alexei Brovarnik are nervous and anxious to become parents. Since they are first-timers, of course, they have more nerves than seasoned parents. Luckily for Alexei and Loren, her mom lives close by. So the couple decides to ask her if she’s willing to move in with them after their baby is born. It’s an emotional moment for the three of them. Of course, Loren’s mother’s happy they asked her. However, she wants to make sure they are okay with this proposed arrangement.

Once assured they 90 Day Fiance couple is certain, Loren’s mom accepts. It means the world to her they want her there with them after the baby arrives. Loren’s mom says that she didn’t have her mother around when she became a mom. So it’s even more special that she can be there in this way for Loren, Alexei, and her grandchild.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Goldstone Brovarnik - Alexei Brovarnik


90 Day Fiance Update: COVID-19 Changes Loren & Alexei’s Plans

90 Day Fiance’s Loren Goldstone and her Israeli husband Alexei Brovarnik’s plans changed thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak and quarantine. The couple’s unsure Alexei can accompany  Loren in the delivery room. That’s a decision the hospital makes. As it looks now, Alexei is allowed. However, he’s the only visitor allowed visitation at the hospital.

Furthermore, the plans to move in Loren’s mother also are now nixed. The shutter in place policy is clear on who can be together. Since Loren’s mama was not living with them before the outbreak, she won’t be able to move in after Baby Brov arrives. So, it looks like Loren and Alexei will have to figure things out alone. However, they can still use Skype and FaceTime to stay connected with both their mothers while they learn to be parents themselves.

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