’90 Day Fiance’: Liam’s Father Defends His Son Following Backlash – Throws Laura Jallali Under the Bus

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member Liam (Laura Jallali’s son) has been in the hot seat following the latest episodes of the show. Many viewers think he was rude to Aladin Jallali. And, there are a number of other things being said about him that aren’t very flattering. In response, a man claiming to be his father defended his son on social media and threw shade at Laura. What did Liam’s father have to say?

90 Day Fiance: Fan Backlash Over Liam’s Behavior on The Other Way

Following the latest events on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, many viewers went in on Liam for his behavior on the TLC show. Some watchers think Liam is spoiled and tried to get Aladin out of the picture so he wouldn’t lose his mother, Laura Jallali. Others have called him rude and disrespectful – with some going as far as to suggest he has deeper issues.

With everything playing out online right now with Laura Jallali and the fake pregnancy fiasco, Liam’s behavior on-camera rubbed many watchers the wrong way. And, due to this, there’s definitely sympathy among 90 Day Fiance followers for Aladin Jallali.

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90 Day Fiance: Liam’s Father Defends His Son – Claps Back at Laura Jallali

In response, someone claiming to be his dad took to social media to defend his son. Andre Leila refuted the claim Liam is mooching off of Laura Jallali. He said she was the one living off of him in Florida and that he supported the household. Andre called all the people criticizing him “dumb as s***”. In addition, he claimed Liam doesn’t want any money from his mother because she is “broke”.

He went in further and addressed the behavior toward Aladin as well. He blamed TLC for how they spliced the scenes together to make Liam look bad. This is a typical complaint from cast members when they look bad on television. And, it looks like he is the latest to echo that. He told the 90 Day Fiance community at large that you can’t fault a son for loving his mom and wanting the best for her.

In addition, he backed up Liam’s claims on the show regarding all the “bad men” Laura Jallali dated over the years. In his eyes, Liam is the level-headed one between mother and son. He said Laura Jallali is a “crazy mess”. And, he said the reason he knows this is because Liam is his son.

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TLC Editing and Laura to Blame?

The way TLC edits the final episodes has been a constant topic since the show has been on the air. But, is that solely to blame for the way Liam comes across on television? Meanwhile, many fans are calling Laura Jallali crazy following her lying about the fake pregnancy. And, for going off on 90 Day Fiance Instagrammers. It appears watchers may be seeing some of that play out online currently.

How much TLC edits and how crazy Laura may be isn’t entirely clear. But, amid all the hate Liam has received recently, it certainly looks like he has at least one person in his corner.

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