’90 Day Fiance’: Leida Accuses Eric of Abuse – Fact or Fiction?

90 Day Fiance cast member Leida Margaretha seemingly accused husband Eric Rosenbrook of abuse in private chat messages. The Baraboo Marine seemed to confirm that he restrained his wife after a fight and said Leida was taken for a psych evaluation and he’s moving out. But did this all happen or is this some strange game for the pair?

A day before, on Eric’s official Instagram account, he posted a photo of himself with is wife, Leida Margaretha, and both are laughing widely in the pic (see below). He said once the “haters get bored” that they would make new happy memories. He encouraged Leida to “hang in there”.

This begs the question of whether this fight is real or an attempt to entrap those they call their haters. In the Insta pic below, it sure looks like the two are laughing at a private joke. Below is a summary of what the messages say – which may or may not have been posted by Eric and Leida – – and may or may not reflect real events.


90 Day Fiance: Messages From “Leida Margaretha” Accuse Husband of Abuse

If these messages are real, then things escalated recently between Leida and Eric Rosenbrook of 90 Day Fiance fame. All this information came directly from messages supposedly from the 90 Day Fiance couple posted in a private chat group. There were leaked to Instagrammer John Yates who shared them online.

The messages seem to come from Eric and Leida in a group where they regularly chat, but neither has confirmed. You can read the messages in the slideshow below. The messages that seem to be from Leida Margaretha say the two got into a fight. The leak also says Eric Rosenbrook grabbed her by the hair.

There’s more about him grabbing her wrists and putting her in a corner. They called the cops, according to the leak. Leida went for a psych evaluation and Eric Rosenbrook planned to stay away from the home for a few days until things calm down, says the messages. Both sides of the story say she had a knife that he wrestled away from her when she intended self-harm.

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90 Day Fiance: “Eric Rosenbrook” Contradicts Leida’s Account

Someone purporting to be Eric countered back to the story and said he only put his hands on her to calm her down and de-escalate a disturbing situation. The messages also accuse Leida of exaggerating the situation. However, both counterpoints are very similar with some he-said, she-said differences.

We’ll work to confirm whether this is true by checking to see if 911 did respond to their home. In the meanwhile, this should all be taken with a grain of salt. It may be completely true and there was a fight at Eric Rosenbrok and Leida Margaretha’s home that turned physical.

Or it might be the couple playing games with their critics, hoping to trigger false reports. You can read the leaked messages above and judge for yourself. Check back for more developments on this story as it develops.

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