’90 Day Fiance’: Laura’s Son Confirms Split from Aladin Jalalli – No More Jiggy Jiggy?

90 Day Fiance‘s Laura Jallali and Aladin Jallali seem to be over for good if what her son Liam says is true. 90 Day Fiance followers recently saw Aladin embarrassed on national television as he was upstaged by Laura’s vibrator. In response, he removed her from his Instagram and defended his manhood online. Laura’s son confirmed she is back in Florida. What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: Laura Jallali’s Son Confirms Split from Aladin Jallali?

Laura’s son Liam seemingly confirmed his mother’s breakup from Aladin Jallali. He posted a picture with his mother by his side. He added that she’s back in Florida for the time being. In addition, he revealed things are about to get even more “UGLY”. Laura Jallali’s family – and especially her friend Ludwing – didn’t support her move to Qatar. Now, it seems she could be back on American soil for good.

Liam asked 90 Day Fiance watchers to keep everything nice they’ve ever said about his mother and their family in mind. Especially in light of the ugly turn he assured is going to take place. He added that the family dogs are happy Laura Jallali is home. With the way things are playing out on social media, she may be home for good.

90 Day Fiance: Laura Jallali - Liam OToole

90 Day Fiance: Aladin Jallali Removes Laura from His IG

The knowledge that Laura Jallali is back on American soil comes on the heels of Aladin Jallali removing all traces of his wife from Instagram. Over the last few months, the couple posted numerous happy snaps together traveling the globe and enjoying life. The Tunisian 90 Day Fiance removed all that from his Instagram account. At first, 90 Day Fiance watchers thought the move was peculiar. Now, it seems the situation is more dire than initially thought.

Aladin Jallali followed up the Instagram scrub with a series of messages. He said it’s not always possible to make people respect you. But, he added you can choose not to be disrespected. He doesn’t name any names. But, it’s clear he is referring to wife Laura Jallali and her criticism of his bedroom prowess. Later, he added that he “banged her harder than a screen door in a hurricane”.

It’s clear Aladdin Jallali is hurt by the way he was shown on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Laura Jallali admitted on national television that he’s bad between the sheets. In addition, he felt insecure over the thought of competing with a sex toy to satisfy his wife. In a male-driven country like Qatar, the foreign man likely took this as a personal attack on his manhood. It’s clear from his reaction online that he’s still fuming over his portrayal. It seems this is the fallout after everything hit the fan.

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No Green Card for Aladin Jallali?

90 Day Fiance followers suspected for months Aladin Jallali was only with his wife for a green card. Depending on how this situation plays out, he may not get one after all. Interestingly, he doesn’t seem to be all that bothered with the potential disintegration of his union.

Aladin recently posted an inspirational meme on his IG story. This is similar to the sort of thing Colt Johnson posted following his split from Larissa Dos Santos Lima. The nugget of wisdom suggests sometimes you have to forget what you feel. Instead, you have to remember what you deserve. Based on his previous posts, it seems Aladin Jallali may be taking these words to heart.

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Are Aladin and Laura Over for Good?

It’s not 100 percent confirmed the pair are over for good. But, with everything going on online right now and her son confirming she’s back in Florida, things don’t look good. In addition, the numerous memes turning up online poking fun at this pair likely aren’t helping the situation.

Viewers saw on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way that the couple patched things up after Aladin Jallali blocked his wife on social media. But, there may be no coming back from this situation. With Liam hinting things are only going to get worse from here on out, followers will want to stay tuned to see how this situation plays out.

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