’90 Day Fiance’: Laura Jallali Rants – Backtracks Again – Fans Concerned She’s Crazy

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member Laura Jallali went on Instagram live and her rant concerned fans that she might have mental health concerns. In her tirade, she called out an Instagram account she’s prior allied with during her recent “pregnancy” fiasco.

First, Laura said she had a “muffin in the oven” with her husband Aladin Jallali. Then, she spilled the tea to a 90 Day Instagrammer with the “truth” about the non-pregnancy. And now, she is throwing two Instagrammers under the bus following the backlash. Here’s what happened.

90 Day Fiance: Laura Jallali Goes After IG Ally – Is She Losing It?

After claiming she was still married to Aladin and pregnant, Laura Jallali faced fan doubts. Then, she said Talker of Sh*ts on Instagram would be updating fans on her “pregnancy”. But then TOS said there was no baby. Laura also said she was taking a break from social media.

Now, she’s back from her break which only lasted a minute – and slung mud at the 90 Day Fiance fan account on Insta. This is the same account where she initially spilled her alleged pregnancy news. Now, Laura completely changed her tune. And, she’s now accusing TOS of lying.

Interestingly, Laura was the one recently in the hot seat when her pregnancy claims proved to be false. Initially, some 90 Day Fiance watchers and stars supported Laura but, it seems that didn’t last long. As for TOS, she’s clapping back at Laura Jallali and promising to spill boiling tea.

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90 Day Fiance: Instagrammer Threatens Laura With Receipts

It turns out the IG admin isn’t going to stand by while Laura Jallali calls her a liar. Now, it looks like the screenshots of their texts are only a fraction of the full exchange. So, Talker of Sh*ts promised to go live and drop receipts on all that Laura told her. That sounds ominous.

It seems Laura Jallali accused the fan-run account of wanting to capitalize on her “fame”. And she insisted on her live stream she was pregnant, it was ectopic, and she’s not menopausal. She says anyone that says she is “doesn’t live in” her lady parts.

Meanwhile, Aladin Jallali assured his social followers that there’s no pregnancy and they’re not together. As for ectopic pregnancies, they often require surgery to resolve because they’re never viable and can be life-threatening.

So, what’s the truth about the 90 Day Fiance? TOS promises to reveal all – so there’s plenty more to come on this scandal.

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What Happens Next for Laura Jallali?

Laura Jallali was recently spotted in Ecuador with fellow 90 Day Fiance ex Evelin Villegas. It seems both women bonded over losing their respective TLC men. With her recent questionable pregnancy news and going to war with Instagrammers, the TLC alum isn’t making things easy on herself.

Many 90 Day Fiance followers rooted for Laura Jallali and Aladin early on in The Other Way season. But, now viewers are concerned for Laura’s mental health. Some worry if she might self harm. Still, others stick with their stance that she’s simply a liar.

At a glance, it looks like Laura Jallali’s unraveling in real-time in front of TLC fans online. And, with this online beef gaining momentum, fans are eager to know what these receipts contain. This is definitely going to be a situation to watch in the coming days.

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