’90 Day Fiance’: Laura Jallali Admits No Baby – Confirms Aladin Split – Plus Abuse Allegations

Today is 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way split day. Now, Laura Jallali confirmed on Instagram that she is not pregnant and Aladin Jallali broke up with her and blocked her on Instagram. She says she’s in Ecuador and has a 90 Day Instagrammer as her de facto mouthpiece while this firestorm rages. Ever since Laura announced her “pregnancy”, fans piled on with doubts, but she insisted that it was true.

Finally, Laura Jallali’s coming clean. She and Aladin Jallali are split, there’s no baby on the way, and she’s not even on the same continent with her husband. All this tea comes from Laura and her IG contact. Take a look at the all the piping hot tea spilling about this pair. This comes hot on the heels of the 90 Day Fiance news we broke today about Corey Rathgeber dumping Evelin Villegas.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – No Baby But Laura Jallali Addresses Pregnancy Talk

Today on social media, Laura Jallali referred followers – fans and haters alike – that Talker of Sh*ts would be “updating you on my pregnancy”. This sounds like she’s still got a bun in the oven, right? But if you flip over to that IG account, the truth is oh-so-much harsher than that. TOS said Laura “came clean” about her pregnancy and relationship status. Despite fighting a war with fans insisting she was pregnant, she’s not.

What she shared was that she had an ectopic pregnancy – which is never viable. 90 Day Fiance‘s Laura Jallali said she was in Canada and had bloodwork done that came back positive for pregnancy. It’s true that ectopic pregnancies often result in positive pregnancy tests. However, other facts that rolled out today suggest this might not be the truth either. Keep reading… She also went on to say “I am nowhere near menopause yet”.

Then, she added, “it crushed my world” that she’s no longer with a baby. Plus, Laura Jallali said she tried to tell Aladin Jallali about the baby because he blocked her. Then added she wanted him to know they “almost made a baby”. Of interest, she said she’s in Ecuador with suddenly single Evelin Villegas. But she doesn’t feature in any of the recent IG videos that 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member’s put up the last few days.

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Conflicting Information – Sources Say She’s Past Menopause – No Baby with Aladin Jallali Possible

If you can believe it, this sordid tale gets even crazier on the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way duo. TOS, Laura’s designated spokesperson, also posted a Insta story quoting fellow Instagrammer Frauded by TLC – who seems to have legit sources. This said that Laura Jallali went through menopause. And that Aladin Jallali served her divorce papers, written in Arabic, last week. They also said that Aladin was NOT joking when he said there’s no baby.

And Frauded also says they’ve confirmed that sources close to Laura say she’s lying about all this. But wait. There’s more. Laura Jallali also said that her soon-to-be-ex husband Aladin Jallali won’t let her get her belongings from their place in Qatar. She said she’s got items there including things from her brother, who’s passed away. And the police won’t help her.

Laura also said she went to Sharp Entertainment, the company that shoots 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way for TLC but says they refused to help her. So, to summarize to this point. There is no baby. They are not together. Aladin Jallai was dead serious when he said on Instagram they’re not having a baby. That’s a lot. But there is even more tea boiling ever. Keep reading.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Abuse Allegations

As if all that wasn’t enough, there’s more to this. In addition to Aladin Jallali blocking her on social – and from their home – Laura Jallali’s alleging abuse by her Arabic husband. Frauded says they have independent verification, not from Laura, that he’s been “emotionally and possibly physically abusive” towards Laura. Some of this may be seen at the Tell All.

A leaker already told Soap Dirt that Aladin Jallali hit her with a divorce request during the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All taping. So, Laura Jallali says she’s in Ecuador with Evelin – although Evelin’s been online constantly posting videos and there’s no blond woman in sight… She’s also reportedly taking a break from social media. What a mess.

For those that skipped to the end, here’s the snapshot. Aladin Jallali dumped Laura Jallali and locked her out of their home. She is not pregnant although insists she was and it was ectopic. If you watch the above video from the most recent episode, it’s almost like Laura’s son Liam is a psychic. He told her “you always end up in bad relationships with bad men”. Stay tuned because there’s sure to be more of this drama.

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