’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Targeted Colt to be Near Pal Carmen in Vegas?

90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina is moving on from Colt Johnson. She is settling into her own life away from her former spouse. That said, a recent leak suggests that there may have been something going on behind the scenes all along. Did Larissa choose the software engineer as a mark from the beginning to further her own aspirations? Geography could be the reason the Brazilian chose Coltee. Here’s what the leak suggests.

90 Day Fiance: Did Larissa Christina Scam Colt Johnson From The Start?

Larissa seems to have no issues with the upcoming divorce from Colt Johnson. While their divorce isn’t finalized yet, Larissa was spotted on Tinder looking for a new man. Plus she already shared that she is considering offers from other men willing to sponsor her K1 visa. And now, a recent leak regarding her former life back in Brazil casts some doubt over her entire relationship with Colt.

There’s a picture circulating on Instagram featuring one of Larissa’s children back in Brazil. We’ve blurred out the child’s face in the image below. But the info on her children isn’t what’s so eye catching about this latest leak. The post claims that her best friend Carmen is the one that introduced Larissa to her baby daddy back in Brazil.

It just so happens that this is the same Carmen that lives in Las Vegas. Larissa Christina fled to Carmen’s house after the last physical confrontation with Colt. Somehow the same friend that introduced her to the father of her children also happens to reside in Vegas – where the Brazilian 90 Day Fiance resides. Is this purely coincidence or is there something more going on?

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Son

90 Day Fiance: Did Larissa Target Colt Johnson Based on Where He Lives?

Long before Larissa blew into Sin City, Colt Johnson lived there with his mother Debbie Johnson and their clowder of cats. He is soft-spoken and non-confrontational. He seems like a nice guy, but in the looks departments, she is admittedly hotter. Many wonder why the 90 Day Fiance chose him. Could it be less about how he looks and more about where he lives?

On her Tinder profile, Larissa points out that she likes tall and fit men. Colt doesn’t exactly fit the bill although he is pretty tall… So if Colt Johnson is not her her type, but he did live close to her fellow immigrant Carmen, did the Brazilian target him just to get herself into the US and near her friend. There may be more to this story.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson Instagram

Police Say 90 Day Fiance Larissa’s Injuries Were Self-Inflicted

The police have arrested Larissa Christina three times, reportedly when she was the one that dialed 911 on more than one occasion. Plus, during the last arrest, LVPD noted marks on her face and body seemed self-inflicted. A 90 Day Fiance TLC insider told Soap Dirt that production thinks it might be an attempt to get a “domestic violence green card” exception.

Added to this, there are screenshots of a text exchange between Colt Johnson and Carmen not long after this arrest. Larissa claimed Colt was a pedophile after she found pornography on his computer. The conversation between Carmen and Colt suggests that his wife was willing to retract publicly the awful claims if he bailed her out of jail.

Colt fought back and said he wouldn’t be blackmailed  – – and then he filed divorce papers. Right now, whether or not she targeted Colt so she could move closer to her BFF Carmen is unconfirmed. Still, the one common thread that connects Larissa to her life back in Brazil and where she lives now in America is Carmen. Was Colt Johnson and the 90 Day Fiance plan a set-up? Was Larissa using him from the start?

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