’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Sees Herself On TV – Notices Something Wrong

90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina recently noted there was some room for improvement after she got a glimpse of herself on TV. The new bride of Colt Johnson noticed something that needed fixing and she set out to do just that.

Larissa collected a ton of social media followers while still in her role as Colt’s bride-to-be on the reality show. The new 90 Day Fiance episodes that roll out each Sunday night were filmed months ago. Today, in real time, the duo is a married couple.

90 Day Fiance News – Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson

Recently 90 Day Fiance fans took to the social sites to question the change they see in Larissa Christina. Some even posted side-by-side comparisons of her face to prove their point. You can see that in the post below. After reading about the buzz Larissa not only posted one of the comparison pictures to her Instagram account, she addressed the comments as well.

The Brazilian beauty was surprisingly very candid while addressing the comments. Some viewers thought Larissa had some cosmetic procedure done on her face due to the perkiness of her nose. Another thing that seemed apparent was her weight loss.

Larissa Tells Fans They’re Barking Up the Wrong Tree

She found it “interesting” what the fans pointed out online. Then she noted they’re wrong on their assumptions. She’s done nothing procedure-wise but admits that she did do something different.

Apparently, when Larissa saw herself on TV she noticed she had gained some weight. So she decided to do something about it. You can see by glimpsing through her Instagram account that she’s sculpting her body the good old fashion way. Larissa is at the gym in some of the photos.

While fans have noticed her weight loss as well, it’s not know how many pounds dropped. But she’s wearing her tone-up shape well, according to the 90 Day Fiance followers online today.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson - Larissa Christina

Sweat and Lighting – That’s It?

Larissa is also sporting bangs today, which gathered quite a few compliments online. So that has changed her looks somewhat. She also said that she’s learned a few makeup techniques that help shape her face.

Along with the sweat equity that the 90 Day Fiance wife put into her new image at the gym, she also credits the correct lighting. She does share that for a good photo, the lighting counts a lot when taking pictures.

A Family Who Sweats Together – Stays Together?

It looks like she isn’t the only family member taking advantage of the gym these days. Larissa posted a picture of her and Colt at the gym together in one of her Instagram images. The one thing that her pictures have in common is – Larissa’s smile.

The 90 Day Fiance cast member looks extremely happy in her latest pics. Furthermore, her other half, Colt Johnson also looks like a happy camper as well.

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