90 Day Fiance: Larissa Gets GoFundMe Money – Celebrates with New Tattoo – Who Paid?

90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina has a lot on her plate at the moment. She avoided her arraignment hearing and has a bench trial on April 4 to determine the outcome of her most recent domestic violence arrest. That said, there is some good news for the Brazilian beauty. She finally received her GoFundMe donations and celebrated with a new tattoo. What’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance Update: Larissa Christina Receives GFM Donations

The 90 Day Fiance finally got her GoFundMe moolah. She took to Instagram to offer “proof” of the transaction. She took the opportunity to thank those that contributed to her campaign. In addition, she fired back at her “haters”. Larissa wrote: “Hi guys, finally I got the go fund me donations today. Here is the proof. I want to thank everyone who donated, it was extremely important to me”. Larissa included a snap of the transaction details in her Instagram story.

Along with being thankful to her contributors, Larissa Christina took the opportunity to address her detractors as well. The accused husband-attacker talked about all the nasty comments she received from “haters who has no life”. She went on to say that she will use the funds for legal fees and other expenses – not to buy expensive things and party. She wished all her supporters an “amazing valentines days” and said her haters can “kiss my a**!!!”


90 Day Fiance: New Tattoo Bought With Donated Money?

It looks like Larissa Christina got new ink done a day before she thanked her fans for their donations to her GoFundMe. This had many wondering whether she used the donations to fund her new ink. She hired the “DUI Doctor” as her lawyer and previously said the donations would go toward her legal fees. Still, some question how she managed to pay for the new body art. A tat that size and intricate easily costs several hundred dollars.

With Larissa’s GFM transaction received, that still doesn’t account for how she’s paying for day-to-day expenses. The 90 Day Fiance still can’t legally work in the United States. She admitted in her IG story that “women in Las Vegas don’t need a dollar bill to go party”. Which is an interesting remark since she’s also insisted she’s not out partying… So, has someone been bankrolling her since she fled Colt Johnson’s house? Who’s paying her upkeep – is it her friend Carmen?

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Instagram

New Chapter for Larissa After 90 Day Fiance

Things have definitely been interesting for Larissa since she split from Colt Johnson. She is living with her pal Carmen and seemingly enjoying the single life in Sin City. She even created a Tinder profile to meet new hookups. Interestingly, she also put up a bunch of old photos of her and Colt together on her IG. If she wants nothing more to do with her soon-to-be ex, why does she have pictures of them on her profile?

She and Colt Johnson are set to appear on the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After even though they are definitely not thrilled with one another. The TLC cameras were rolling at the courthouse even though Larissa blindsided production by refusing to show. Perhaps that’s because Colt Johnson will be the one collecting the check as the company doesn’t pay the foreigners – only the Americans.

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