90 Day Fiance: Larissa Comments on Fernanda and Jon Weiner-Gate Controversy

90 Day Fiance bombshell Larissa Christina went live on Insta Stories to answer questions and addressed “Weiner Gate”. Fernanda Flores exposed Jon Rivera‘s man bits to the world last week. Then he threatened fans that he noticed were sharing the videos and pics.

Larissa is no stranger to controversy herself. She and Colt Johnson have a running feud with Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera, so what she had to say about Jon Rivera’s private parts going public was very interesting. It looks like she’s taking the high road, despite her TLC co-stars roasting her recently.

Larissa Christina Addresses Dirty Leaked D*** Pics

As she does often, Larissa Christina answered 90 Day Fiance fan questions on Insta live. One person asked if she thought Fernanda Flores “posted Jonathan’s [eggplant emoji] on her IG by mistake or on purpose to gain fame?” Considering the acrimonious history between Larissa, Colt, Jonathan Rivera, and Fernanda, it was an open door to slam the other TLC stars.

But Larissa Christina didn’t do it. Instead, she encouraged peacemaking. She did say she wants her fans to make a difference “even knowing that they [Jon and Fernanda] talk bad about me”. Larissa said, “I wish that you guys leave their business alone and spread just love here”.

Of course, all of the 90 Day Fiance people are airing their private business by going on reality TV to film their relationships. But fans have seen a lot more of Jonathan Rivera than anyone else on the TLC show thanks to Fernanda Flores and her sloppy social media habits.

90 Day Fiance Star Jokes About Arrest

A few times since the LVPD arrested Larissa for domestic violence, she’s made light of the controversy. This weekend, a fan asked the 90 Day Fiance star “Did you go to jail? In Las Vegas?”. Larissa answered, “I was filming for orange is the new black”. This was in the same session she was asked about Jon’s penis pics.

Lately, Larissa has been responding to negativity with humor, which seems to have quelled some of her haters. Larissa Christina also posted a funny meme of her done up like Love After Lockup. It seems the Brazilian beauty is trying to let her sense of humor show more than her hurt feelings. Even when Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores attacked her on IG.

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In the slideshow above, you can see where fans asked about Jon’s junk. There’s also a slide where she says people “said the most hurtful words”. Then she added, “definitely I’m not sensitive”. Larissa Christina seems to put up with a lot given she’s sharing a home with Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie Johnson who rules the roost.

Larissa Says Coltee Is Baby Muppet Mama’s Boy

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina usually offers amusing Instagram moments worth reading. There were other good questions after she answered about Jonathan Rivera’s leaked d*k pics and whether Fernanda Flores did it on purpose. A fan asked Larissa “the most unpleasant surprise or secret” about Colt Johnson.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson - Larissa Christina

Larissa shared a pic of Baby Sinclair from the Muppet sitcom Dinosaurs. This kid was a brat and the ultimate rotten mama’s boy. Another 90 Day Fiance fan asked, “What about Coltee gets on your nerves the most?” She said, “Sometimes he acts like a Baby polar bear”. Interestingly, that’s another animal that’s extremely attached to its mother.

Despite all Larissa Christina’s constant social media activity, she hasn’t “accidentally” posted any pics of herself without clothes – or Colt Johnson’s manhood. She did say on the TLC show that he’s got a “biggee” sex drive, but has kept her Instagram limited to rated PG posts. Thanks Larissa!

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