’90 Day Fiance’ – Karine Urged ‘Run’ From Paul After Mortifying ‘Tell All’

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days put a pregnant Karine Martins at the mercy of her husband Paul Staehle and his accusations on “Tell All.” The last show of this season’s 90 Day Fiance aired Sunday night. It didn’t take long for Twitter to light up with advice for Karine Martins. Viewers urged the Brazilian mother-to-be to run as fast and as far away from Paul Staehle as possible.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Paul Staehle and Karine Martins

Paul and Karine announced she is pregnant, which was a secret not very well-kept. But the pregnancy wasn’t the highlight for the social media chatter. Viewers of 90 Day Fiance jumped all over Paul for the way he treated Karine Martins on the show.

Shout outs for Karine flooded the social media sites with many folks urging her to get as far as away from Paul Staehle as she can. The post below is similar to many seen online today.

90 Day Fiance – Paul Staehle Stressing Out Karine Martins?

While many people refer to their parents as “mom and dad,” Paul calls his folks, “mother” and “father.”  This “mother” and “father’ is reflected in many of the online comments today, like the one above.

Karine suffered a miscarriage with her first pregnancy and fans also hopped on Twitter to warn Paul about stressing her out. He embarrassed Karine to the point that no one would have blamed her if she got up and walked away from the interview.

Before the 90 Days – Karine Cheated on Paul?

Paul’s insecurities gave way to accusations of Karine possibly cheating, which resulted in his bride breaking down in tears. Paul announced to the world that he wanted Karine to have a DNA test done with the baby to make sure he’s the father. This didn’t sit well with the viewers at home.

Paul also revealed that Karine has been messaging other men, a statement that Karine didn’t deny. Karine chimed in that she couldn’t have cheated with these men because they live so far away. It did sound as if Paul had some basis to question Karine. But most would agree national television wasn’t the place to do this.

Paul Staehle Keeps Karine and His Mother’s Hair in Backpack

Another “creepy” aspect of Paul and Karine’s appearance on the “Tell All” episode from 90 Days Fiance is “hair.” Paul’s mother, Mary Staehle appeared via video feed on a split screen with Karine for a part of the segment. When Paul saw the two women side-by-side he commented: “my two favorite women” and he added, “I got both of your hair in my backpack”… what?

Paul and his mother chuckled and Paul said a quick “it’s crazy,” which is the same critique coming from the social media sites. Karine sat there as Paul and his mother talked about Paul’s father as having the last word on all family matters.

90 Day Fiance – Paul’s Father Has the Final Say?

Paul may need to have a visa sponsor sign for Karine. That’s if he doesn’t make enough money to fulfill the requirements of Karine’s visa to the US.

Host Shaun Robinson asked Paul’s mother if she would sign for Karine. What it boiled down to her husband, Paul’s father. Paul made it clear that his father has the last say, and that didn’t sound very promising.

Karine was like a sitting duck for Paul’s mother’s unwelcoming demeanor, not to mention Paul’s cheating accusations. He didn’t ask, he stated she will have a DNA test. Finally, Karine said that she hoped the visa doesn’t come through, she was so upset with Paul’s behavior on the show.


Paul also reported throughout the rest of the show that Karine didn’t answer his calls. He was sure she eventually would pick up the phone for him once she had a chance to settle down.

According to the clip from TLC on the 90 Day Fiance “Tell All” show, Paul was back in the US and returned to Brazil after the show was taped. The two are seen together on their recent Instagram posts. So it appears all is well today between the couple.

A New season of 90 Day Fiance starts next week with new cast members. Check back to Soap Dirt often for the latest on this new season on 90 Day Fiance.