’90 Day Fiance’: Kalani Infuriates Asuelu After Mother Make-Out Session

On 90 Day Fiance Asuelu Pulaa has some serious PDA with his mom, and Kalani Faagata calls him out on the cringy smooch. Jess throws shoes at Colt after finding out he still talks to Vanessa daily. Syngin’s happy to be home, but Tania’s a drama queen. Larissa finds out she was lacking in the sack with Eric – and Angela gets her cake, and she eats it too. Let’s take a closer look at season 5, episode 9 Burnt Bridges and Bitter Truths.

Asuelu Pulaa and Mom Get A Little Too Close For Kalani Faagata’s Comfort on 90 Day Fiance

Asuelu Pulaa wakes up tired in an Oregon Airbnb. It seems Asuelu got up to poop but was freaked out by the ghost of a little girl guarding the bathroom. This made his head feel big, so Asuelu was too afraid to go back to sleep. Wife Kalani Faagata also heard some strange voices. So, Kalani Faagata and freaked out hubby Asuelu Pulaa agree the place is haunted. If they only knew the ghost would be the least of their problems on this day.

Kolini Faagata arrives. Kalani Faagata, sis, and the hubs head out to meet the family Asuelu Pulaa in the city on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.  Asuelu Pulaa’s mother and two sisters show. Mom is excited to see the grandkids. Then, TLC does some cruel camera angle trickery. It looks like Asuelu’s mum grabs his face and goes full liplock with her son. Kalani Faagata questions him about the mother makeout sesh. Asuelu demonstrates that it really wasn’t on the lips. The camera guys were just screwing with him.

But sadly, the worst is yet to come on 90 Day Fiance. The family Pulaa heads to a food truck court. Asuelu Pulaa is beyond excited and visits every truck asking for the best. Back at the table, mother smooch turns into mother mooch. She wants to know how much money Asuelu Pulaa and wife Kalani brought. Asuelu tells them one hundred dollars, and they’re mad. Kalani Faagata calmly asks sister Tammy if she sends money home. They tell Kalani it’s none of her beeswax. Mother Asuelu says she’s done and walks out with her daughters. Ouch. Kalani Faagata’s still not loosening the wallet on 90 Day Fiance.

Jess Launches Shoes As Missiles at Colt on Happily Ever After

Debbie Johnson triggered Jess Caroline when she brought up Colt Johnson’s friend with occasional benefit Vanessa Guerra. Jess stormed out after hearing that Vanessa is still in the picture. In fact, she’s cat sitting the possed of 90 Day Fiance pussies back in Vegas. Debbie is relaxed and basking in her victory. She suggests Colt move back into her hotel room for the night. She can draw him a bubble bath and order some cookies and Jack Daniels from room service.

Colt is shaken up on 90 Day Fiance. As tempting as an evening with his mommy sounds, he wants to find Jess and make it right. Deb is concerned the Brazilian hothead will sneak in and bash him over the head while he sleeps. She reminds him the last time he thought he could make it work with a Brazilian. But Colt wants to give it a shot anyway. Meanwhile, Jess got Vanessa’s digits from Colt’s phone. And confirms with texts that they are still very much in communication.

Jess has clearly completed the 90 Day Fiance Darcey Silva online crash course “Divas and Drama: How to Use Footwear as a Weapon.” She barges into the room and fires off two rounds of patent leather pumps. The second one actually hits Colt. But, he’s a pretty big target. Jess is full-crazy. And grabs her suitcases while screaming that she’s off to sleep with her ex because Colt is trash. He attempts to run after her, but she’s having none of it. Upstairs, Debbie runs the bath and smiles.

Larissa Can’t Deal With Eric Calling Her Out For Being a Dud In Bed

Larissa’s ongoing drama on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is as stale as a bag of airline pretzels in Angela’s bra. She’s still sitting at pal Carmen’s house in Overstock athleisure when the doorbell rings. She’s afraid it’s the cops, but it turns out to be Amazon. She heads back to Eric Nichols’ house but can’t find her keys. She yells and knocks, and unfortunately, we have to see Eric shirtless brushing his teeth.

He agrees to let her in, and the 90 Day Fiance convicted man abuser starts yelling at his roommate Dave for threatening her with cops using the phone she gave to Eric. He laughs at her and walks away. Larissa says she’s sick of everybody using her immigration status to threaten her. Eric yells back using excessive hand gestures to act out every word. Larissa tells him not to threaten her with cops.

Eric tells her the 90 Day Fiance hothead that she can pack and leave. What she’s really upset about is that he dissed her “eentameecee” and told other women sex with her was horrible. Eric is like an angry mime who forgets his vow of silence. He says he wants the phone back so he can log out. And does apologize. But she says she can’t forgive him. Larissa says she hasn’t had much sexual experience. Insert eye roll emoji. She’s going to see if Carmen will let her move back with her.

Tania Freaks Out When Syngin Takes The Wheel on 90 Day Fiance

Syngin Colchester is loving life back in his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. He’s especially excited to visit his brother who had a dangerous blood clot and is now recovering at home. Syngin makes Tania Maduro a cup of tea, and she thankfully drinks it — without sound effects this time. They head to his brother’s and Syngin accelerates a little too fast and has to brake hard. Tania freaks out and then gets mad when he nervously laughs.

Her 90 Day Fiance hubby explains he hasn’t driven for a while there much less a stick. But she’s crying and kind of hyperventilating because it’s giving her flashbacks to her accident. He says he’s really sorry that he didn’t mean to be “that guy.” Finally, he gets to his brother, and they get emotional. His brother wants to know how things are for the newlyweds in America. Syngin is honest that the grass isn’t greener, especially under the she-shed. Tania is annoyed on 90 Day Fiance.

Later, she heads to an outdoor market with Syngin’s Mom and sister. She explains that she thinks Syngin is having a hard time settling down and curbing his free spirit and partying ways. She says she partied at 21 but not anymore. Forgetting that the world saw her wasted in Costa Rica not long ago. She cries again. And Mother Syngin comforts her. But cautions against her being too demanding and trying to change him. She suggests she just take a step back and chill. Yes. Please.

Andrei and Libby’s Scenes From a Moldovan Restaurant

On 90 Day Fiance HEA, the dinner from hell continues in Moldova. Andrei Castravet is several vodka shots with pork fat chasers in, and the f-bombs are flying. Libby Potthast’s brother Charlie Potthast keeps on poking him, and the two almost fight. Andrei’s bros break it up. Father Chuck Potthast finally finishes chewing his fat and explains that in Florida, nobody ever drinks too much and starts fights. Really Chuck? Guess you’ve never cut line at Disney World.

Libby is in the middle of it all and demands that everybody stop on 90 Day Fiance. Andrei just keeps yelling that she has to defend him and not them. She blames her brother and Andrei for being drunk and hot-headed. Andrei yells for Chuck and Charlie to pack their bags and go back home. Chuck is savoring a piece of fat wedged between his teeth but pauses to explain that alcohol brings out “underlying issues.”

Andrei heads outside, and his brother tells them they were provoking him with all the questions. Outside, Andrei again screams at 90 Day Fiance‘s Libby, who claps back but basically always ends up doing what he says. His brother and sister-in-law come out to cool things down, but Andrei wants to leave, and of course, Libby goes with him. Back inside, Chuck apologizes to the rest of the gang and springs for another round of fatty vodka on 90 Day Fiance.

Angela Gets Her Cake and Eats it Too on 90 Day Fiance

Angela Deem got some good news. Her biopsy came back fine with no sign of cancer. However, the doc cautioned her and fiance Michael Ilesanmi that egg totin’ ain’t easy for elders. She’s worried that Michael won’t marry her if she can’t come through with a baby somehow. Michael certainly is torn. He’s got pressure from family and his culture. Also, he really wants to be a dad.

The 90 Day Fiance couple is on their way to do some cake tasting for the wedding. Angie’s in a good mood because —  cake. And she loves Nigerian icing. Michael asks if she’s going to smoke on the wedding day around his family. Angie stops to light up and assures him she will take it outside. He’s also worried that his mom won’t give them a blessing to get married. Angela points out that it shouldn’t be up to his mom to decide his happiness.

Michael’s aunt and half-sister meet them to taste the cakes. 90 Day Fiance Angie is in her glory. But her sweet induced joy is short-lived when his aunt brings up what happens after the wedding. Angela is quick to point out that they will have sex as a married couple. But baby-making will be tough since her egg basket’s empty. And she’s not doing the side chick thing. Auntie believes Michael really loves Angie. But she worries about how his mom will deal with the lack of a baby.

Karine Gives Paul an Ultimatum on Happily Ever After

On 90 Day Fiance, Karine Martin feeds son Pierre with the same expression on her face that’s is normal. One part annoyed, one part disgusted and one part “what the hell have I done?”. Paul looks for nail clippers in a large Hefty bag and breaks other things along the way. Karine is already over the house since a train rolls by every day making a lot of noise. She says in Brazil there is no train.

Paul points out while that’s true, there are gunshots and people screaming and yelling instead. Karine is fed up with Paul not looking for a job and being home all the time. She gives him a timeline of two months to find a job, or she’ll pack Pierre and heading back to S. America. Paul says he will do better. But hey, we all know how this turns out. You can watch HEA Sunday nights at 8 pm on the TLC network.

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