’90 Day Fiance’: Julia and Brandon Moving to Russia?

90 Day Fiance star Julia Trubkina recently hinted that she and Brandon Gibbs might move to Russia. The TLC couple embarked on their new life together in America. But, it looks like the idea of living together in a different country was on their mind. Could Julia and Brandon be planning on ditching the farm for Russia?

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina Had No Plans to Move

Julia Trubkina recently spoke about her thoughts on the concept of the American dream. The 90 Day Fiance cast member doesn’t understand why there is a stereotype that everyone from Russia and Ukraine wants to go to America. She said that she didn’t want to go to the states. According to Julia, she had everything she wanted in her home country. She had her friends and family nearby. She even had her own apartment and a good job.

The 90 Day Fiance reality star enjoys traveling. But, Julia Trubkina said that she would always return home. However, she did something for the first time and didn’t go back home. Julia said that she followed a man to another country. Brandon Gibbs is why she left Russia. She believes that every place has pros and cons. For her, it’s not about where you are. What’s important is who you are with.

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina

Julia and Brandon Gibbs Heading to Russia?

Julia Trubkina moved to America to be with Brandon Gibbs. The 90 Day fiancé castmate had no intentions to live in a different part of the world. According to Julia, she and Brandon did talk about him going to Russia instead. But, she said that Brandon decided that living in the U.S was a better choice. Yet, there’s a good chance that Julia didn’t think that would mean she’d have to become a farm girl.

However, moving to Russia may not be off the table for the 90 Day Fiance couple. Julia Trubkina hinted that she and Brandon Gibbs may still want to live there. She said, “you never know” when asked about going back to her home country. But, there’s a good possibility that Brandon’s parents won’t be happy to see them leave.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs - Julia Trubkina

90 Day Fiance Celeb Working Towards Career Goals

Julia Trubkina wasn’t happy with having to work on a farm. However, taking care of animals wasn’t the first job she has had. According to Julia, she has had many different jobs. Once she became a teenager, she started working for a company handing out advertisements. Since then, she has been a teacher, writer, saleswoman, waitress and babysitter. She has never been afraid to work unless it involves feeding pigs.

However, the 90 Day Fiance TLC star has made it clear that she is no longer a farm girl. Julia Trubkina said that she is retiring from taking care of animals. But, Brandon Gibbs’ foreign lover wants to pursue a career in design. Julia already has a degree in the field. She also wants to get back into dancing. She said that dance is a big part of who she is. It is an activity she enjoys doing.

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