’90 Day Fiance’: Jonathan Rivera Finds Fernanda Replacement – Who is Sunni Haralalka?

90 Day Fiance Jonathan Rivera may have found Fernanda Flores’ replacement. The successful realtor got close to brunette Sunni Haralalka. Is Jonathan moving forward with a new love interest? Who is this mystery woman?

90 Day Fiance Update: Jonathan Rivera Moving On with New Love?

Since Jonathan Rivera’s split from Fernanda Flores its been business as usual. Jonathan updates Instagram on a regular basis. He includes stylish selfies. In addition, he rubs elbows with people in North Carolina. In March, Jonathan Rivera partied with a group of people. This was during St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

At that time, he surrounded himself with quite a few attractive brunettes. Some IG users said many of them looked similar to Fernanda Flores. It appears his potential love interest partied with him that day. Was that the beginning of something between them?

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera - Sunni Haralalka Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Who is Sunni Haralalka?

Sunni Haralalka is successful in North Carolina. Her LinkedIn profile lists her as a Business Analyst. In addition, there’s an emphasis on marketing and development in the home health care field. Jonathan Rivera is business-minded. He prides himself on being successful. Perhaps he and Sunni Haralalka bonded over their mutual drive to succeed in business.

Sunni Haralalka seems to be Jonathan Rivera’s type. She’s a good-looking brunette that watches her figure. Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores bonded over working out. They went to the gym and burned calories as a fun couples’ activity. Certainly, this could be one more quality he finds attractive.

Another thing worth noting is the fact that the Chicago native follows this new interest on Instagram. He left positive comments on her posts for 90 Day Fiance watchers to see. The pair aren’t official yet. But, there’s enough here for 90 Day Fiance watchers to ship. Some followers even shipped Jonathan and Kolini Faagata as a potential item. Sunni Haralalka’s Facebook profile lists her as single. It’ll be interesting to see if that status changes.

90 Day Fiance: Sunni Haralalka Instagram

Jonathan’s Life After Fernanda Flores

90 Day Fiance’s Jonathan Rivera seems to be living his best life without Fernanda Flores. Since the Mexican beauty exited his life, its been business as usual. He updates his IG with inspiring quotes. Jonathan Rivera adds pictures in Las Vegas and other party places. Certainly, he seems to have moved on from the loss.

In fact, Jonathan Rivera was recently in Sin City. He was seen with one more potential love. He has kept busy with the ladies since parting ways with Fernanda Flores. To clarify, he could just be having fun. Perhaps he is testing the waters to see what’s out there. Either way, it looks like he’s enjoying the single life. But, could there be a spark with Sunni? They may not be an item just yet but this situation is one to watch.

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