’90 Day Fiance’: Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg’s Son Turns 1 – See The Adorable Photos Inside

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Jihoon Lee and wife Deavan Clegg just celebrated their son Taeyang Scuti Lee’s first birthday. The little tyke turned one amid a crazy time in the world, but his parents made the best of the situation.

Both Jihoon and Deavan Clegg shared some adorable pictures of Taeyang along with some loving words for their son. Also, they did a special Korean birthday tradition to determine what their baby might do in the future.

90 Day Fiance: It’s Been One Year Since Jihoon Lee & Deavan Clegg Welcomed Son

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans got to see the first moments of Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg’s baby boy Taeyang Scuti Lee’s life. He came two weeks early on April 10 and Deavan had to have an emergency C-section due to complications. Not only that, but Jihoon couldn’t change his flight and got stuck in South Korea. So, he had to witness his son’s birth via video chat along with his parents.

Fast forward an entire year and Taeyang is now a year old. It’s been a wild year with the last couple of months being unusual for the 90 Day Fiance family. Deavan Clegg, Jihoon Lee, Taeyang, and Drascilla, from the woman’s previous relationship, live in South Korea, which saw an earlier outbreak of COVID-19 than the US. So, they’ve been in quarantine for much longer and had to celebrate their baby’s birthday inside.

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Jihoon & Deavan Share Touching Birthday Wishes

In a couple of adorable messages, Jihoon Lee and with Deavan Clegg both wished little Taeyang a happy birthday. Jihoon shared a picture from the newly turned one-year-old’s “dolijanchi” party. This is a Korean tradition that celebrates a baby’s first birthday. It’s supposed to bless the child with a prosperous future and Taeyang looks adorable in his traditional garb.

On the other hand, Deavan Clegg took a more heartfelt approach than her 90 Day Fiance husband. She shared a bunch of baby pictures along with some more recent ones. “I can’t believe my little man is already 1 years old,” Deavan said, “I love you so much”.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee - Taeyang Scuti Lee

90 Day Fiance: Tradition Predicts Taeyang Scuti Lee’s Future

In another Korean tradition, Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee may have discovered what Taeyang will do when he gets older. It’s called “dolijabi” and it is considered the “highlight” of a Korean child’s first birthday party. During this ceremony, several objects (usually 6-8) are placed in front of the child. Whichever one or two items that they pick up represents a future profession or lifestyle.

So, according to Deavan, Taeyang picked up a ball and a microphone. Supposedly, this means that he will have a passion for sports and music. Do you think he will become a professional athlete or a musician?

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