’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny’s a Side Chick – Sumit’s Family Furious – ‘The Other Way’ [Recap]

This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way showed the fallout from Sumit Singh admitting he’s a married man. And that Jenny Slatten is a mistress after all. Paul Staehle’s mom Mary Staehle (AKA Edna) treks to Brazil to meet grandson Pierre, armed to the teeth in citronella wrist bands.

Plus, Tiffany Franco checks out the local birthing options. Hint: there’s no deluxe maternity suite. Laura Jallali’s son Liam is not only a party pooper but a big a*s baby. And Corey Rathgeber helps his mom in the aftermath of his dad’s death. So, check out what went down on TLC’s show.

Jenny Slatten – Always a Side Chick Never a Bride

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is the little show that could. It’s slowly stealing the limelight from its parent franchise. A big part of that is surely the Sumit-Jenny Slatten seven-years in the making drama. It came to a head recently because Sumit Singh has been in an arranged marriage for two-plus years. Which explained him sweating bullets and extended sleepovers at his parents.

This whole relationship could be a Lifetime movie – The Jenny-Sumit Story – Who’s Sari Now? And we saw Sumit Singh straight-up lied to her daughter Christina and her wife about his intentions. He even toasted to a fake ring ceremony he knew flat-out couldn’t happen. TLC tells us that producers got a “frantic call” from Jenny and they ran right over. Of course, we leaked this before it came out on the show.

Sumit Singh’s Lies Catch Up On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Jenny Slatten tells producers that Sumit Singh returned after another mysterious stay with his parents. Then he freaked and told her to lock the door. Turns out Sumit’s father-in-law as there to meet Jenny Slatten. Her first response was “wuuuht”? He tells her they’re all coming to meet her. Jenny barricaded herself in a bedroom while the family piles in. Talk about awkward.

Then, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way action revealed Sumit’s mom broke his shrine. Jenny had an angry mob in the small apartment here. Later, Sumit Singh had his back against the wall in a fighting stance, while his mom backed Jenny down. Threats are made to send both Jenny and Sumit to jail for cheating. Poor Jenny heaves and cries as she recounts the tragic tale.

Jenny hasn’t seen Sumit Singh since then. She’s holed up in the apartment hiding out from the adultery police. Finally, she ventured out to call her daughter from the internet cafe. Her daughter and wife are pretty angry, and we’re left hanging another week to find out what happens next with Jenny Slatten and her New Delhi drama.

Mama Staehle In Brazil on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

This recap finds Paul Staehle and Karine Martins in a better place than last we saw them. Karine has a fresh set of Wet-n-Wild press on lashes and is actually smiling. The apartment is even (a little) clean. We find out they call the baby Pierr-ee and are left wondering if they let Larissa name the kid. Paul’s excited because his mom Mary, who’s never left Merica, is en route.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Paul goes down to greet her. She is up to her elbows in citronella bug bands and has more in her hands when she gets out of the cab. He comments that he can smell all the repellant. She’s a little taken aback by  Paul and Karine’s hood. But her son assures her the third-floor walk-up is fine. Just don’t push too hard on the wall or it’ll shake.

Then, Paul’s mama greets Karine and it goes well considering all the crap Paul dished on them. She tells Karine she’s doing a great job and thanks her for “tolerating” Paul. She picks up her sleeping grandson. While Paul and Karine remain comfortable acclimated, Paul’s mother sweats like she just ran the Manaus City Marathon. Paul brushes her hair out of her face. Aww. Uggh…

Tiffany And Ron Tour The Public Hospital

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tiffany and Ronald Smith have a bun in the oven. But not a pot to pee in. They head to the public hospital to check out the birthing ward. Tiffany is all perfect bangs, jewel tones, and optimism. Ronald tells her not to get her hopes up. Then explains public hospitals don’t even mop up blood between trauma cases. #Scary 

The hospital PR lady gives them a tour (and a reality check). The birthing suites look like changing rooms at Forever 21 – only not as clean or well-staffed. And that’s if Tiffany’s lucky enough to get a bed and curtain. She might have to give birth on the floor or in the broom closet. At least that’s got a door. 

Perky Tiffany’s no stranger to giving birth on the fly asks if Ronald can be there with her. The guide says no. She laughs an evil laugh and turns away. Tiffany says this isn’t an option. Ronald promises he can get the funds for a private birth. He knows of an all-night poker game going down in the basement of a comic book store tonight. (Kidding – hopefully…)

Corey Rathgeber Makes Up His Mind On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

In a really sad scene, Corey and his mom take down their Christmas tree. In the wake of his dad’s unexpected passing, his mom says it will be alright. She said it’s in God’s hands now. But Corey worries about leaving her there and returning to Ecuador.

But, he explains he really wants to marry Evelin Villegas. He admits she might not be ready. Nonetheless his mom encourages him to return and follow his heart. Because he might regret it if he doesn’t. Later, Corey decides to go back after their talk. Given their split today – seems like he’s still with mom.

Liam’s A Giant Party Pooper At Mom Laura’s Wedding

Laura Jallali’s grown a** son Liam traveled across the world to attend his mom’s three-day Tunisian wedding extravaganza to her husband Aladin Jallali. So, while the two tied the knot on paper awhile back (for jiggy jiggy purposes), this is the big official ceremony. 

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Liam’s playing sassy teen attitude with his mom and refuses to attend that night’s festivities. So, Laura explains that Aladin’s family might be offended. He doesn’t care and lets her know that he sees Aladin as just one more bad guy in a string of other bad guys. Preach Liam preach. Naturally, this upsets Laura.

Aladin comes to get her and she joins the party in a blue dress. In hindsight, Liam hit the nail on the head as it came out today that Aladin’s dumped Laura, locked her out of the house, blocked her on Insta, and served her Arabic divorce papers. Hopefully, she gets custody of her purple pal in the split.

So, watch next week for more on Jenny Slatten and Sumit’s family fiasco and other servings of hot mess from TLC.

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