’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Smith Says Ashley Martson Cheated Too – Flame War with Haters Heats Up

90 Day Fiance cheating accusations about Jay Smith have now spilled over onto Ashley Martson as well. It seems they have split given all the signs on their social media. They’ve ghosted one another online and, to add even more fuel to the fire, Jay is now saying Ashley was also unfaithful. The allegations cropped up while the Jamaican was battling critics online. Here’s what he just said about Ashely Martson.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Jay Smith Claps Back at Haters

Jay Smith was depicted as a player from the moment he was introduced on 90 Day Fiance. Moreover, fans know that Jay got into it with Ashley’s former best friend Natalie Crawford over alleged cheating. At the time, Ashley sided with Jay and kicked Natalie to the curb. But based on Jay’s recent Insta post, he’s not the only one with fidelity issues.

He addressed the issue on Instagram, writing: “FYI: for everyone coming at me. I wasn’t the only one who was “talking” aka “cheating” with other people during our relationship/marriage!”

90 Day Fiance Jay Smith recently released a cryptic photo of him driving a U-Haul. Further, this snap coincided with Ashley revealing that she was returning from the hospital after a tough spell with her Lupus. The timing of these posts adds to the split chatter. In addition, he started a Go Fund Me campaign to help him get a place – away from Ashley. Even with over 1,000 Facebook shares, the campaign has generated just three donations totaling $35 of its $5,000 goal (at the time of this writing).

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Moving On?

Even though Ashley Martson returned from the hospital to an empty house, that doesn’t seem to have stopped her from moving on with her life. The 90 Day Fiance cutie took to Instagram to let her fans and followers know that she’s back to doing Cameo videos – minus Jay. Last week she posted that she and Jay Smith were no longer doing them together. Much like her current relationship status, it looks like she will continue the venture solo.

Interestingly, a 90 Day Fiance fan created another GoFundMe campaign the day before Jay’s – and it was to benefit Ashley. That one, started by an unnamed someone is called “Help Ashley send Jays cheating a** back to Jamaica”. Initially, fans thought that Ashley Martson created the campaign to counter the one he created. Ashley Martson addressed it on Instagram, saying: “This is NOT my go fund me…” She insists that any posts asking for money that look like they’re from her are a “JOKE.”


Did They Both Cheat?

If what Jay Smith claims is true, the backlash has been interesting. Judging by reactions on social media, he is definitely the one taking the most heat. Jay was portrayed as a player from the beginning, but are they both to blame? A portion of the pushback could also be a direct result of his GoFundMe campaign. Viewers haven’t taken too kindly to 90 Day Fiance cast members setting up campaigns and asking for money.

As an additional response to his critics, Jay captioned another Instagram photo with: “Forgive me my nonsense”. And then he added that he also forgives “the nonsense of those that think they talk sense.” For the non-poets out there, the Jamaican boy toy was quoting Robert Frost…

The cheating chatter will likely escalate but don’t forget, while in a spat with Ashley, her ex-BFF reportedly leaked a photo implying Ashley was cheating as she met Jay. The now-deleted social post showed Ashley was dating a man when she hooked up in Jamaica with Jay (and her boyfriend paid for the trip to the Caribbean!).

So there may be more to what is swirling. We’ll keep you updated on the latest on Jay Smith and Ashley Martson. And watch them on new episodes of 90 Day Fiance Sundays at 8:00 PM only on TLC.

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