’90 Day Fiance’: Jasmin Lahtinen Calls TLC Show ‘Fake’ – Says She’s ‘All Natural’

90 Day Fiance star Jasmin Lahtinen denied she had botox and lip fillers. The fiancee of Blake Abelard maintained she never enhanced her face despite fans saying they see obvious changes in her appearance. Jasmin’s looks have always been the subject of controversy ever since she debuted on the show. But now, the TLC celeb is breaking her silence.

90 Day Fiance News: Jasmin Lahtinen Before And After Photos Shock Fans

Earlier this week, Jasmin Lahtinen reacted to talks of her possible cosmetic enhancements. The 90 Day Fiance newbie made quite a buzz as old pictures of herself revealed noticeable changes in her face. Blake Abelard’s Finnish fiancee looks unrecognizable in some of her throwback photos taken a few years ago.

Many pointed out the differences in Jasmin Lahtinen’s face. The gymnast used to have thinner lips — a far cry from her current pout. 90 Day Fiance fans also think she had work done on her nose. But despite the dramatic changes in her looks, Jasmin Lahtinen maintains she’s a natural beauty.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmin Lahtinen

Jasmin Insists She’s ‘All Natural’ – Fans Think Otherwise

Blake Abelard’s fiancee, Jasmin Lahtinen, fired back at those accusing her of getting lip fillers and other facial enhancements. The 90 Day Fiance celeb implied she never had any work done in her face. Blake’s new fiancee said she’s “all-natural” in a recent online post.

However, not everyone’s buying it. Some people quickly blasted Jasmin for declaring she’s a natural beauty when they think she’s had at least one procedure done. Others called her out for not admitting to it despite the changes to her face. So far, it remains unclear if Jasmin was actually serious or merely being sarcastic about her comment.


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90 Day Fiance Update: Jasmin & Blake Abelard Going Strong

Meanwhile, it seems like Jasmin Lahtinen and Blake Abelard’s romance keeps going strong. The 90 Day Fiance couple have been more active on social media lately, sharing their sweet moments together. This is a far cry from what viewers see on the show.

The show highlights the couple’s one-sided romance. Jasmin has always been painted as the mean, cold-hearted girlfriend since day one. Blake, on the other hand, appeared to be the one blinded by love.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmin Lahtinen - Blake Abelard

90 Day Fiance: Blake’s Girlfriend Jasmin Calls the TLC Series ‘A Fake TV Show’

Jasmin Lahtinen said her mean attitude towards Blake Abelard was all for show. She says she is only “acting” to spice things up and implied that the show pushed her and Blake to create drama.

She also called 90 Day Fiance a “fake TV show”. This is not the first time that the TLC show faces accusations of faking storylines. Previous cast members even voiced out their dismay for its misleading edits, which put them in the bad light.

Jasmin Lahtinen and fiance Blake are likely under a non-disclosure agreement with the network. It will be interesting to see if her calling the show fake will have  consequences for her.

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