’90 Day Fiance’: Jasmin Lahtinen Looks Unrecognizable Before Botox and Lip Fillers

90 Day Fiance newbie Jasmin Lahtinen (Blake Abelard’s fiancee) looked quite different in throwback photos and has everyone wondering what all she’s had done to her face. Ever since Jasmin’s debut on the TLC show, Blake Abelard‘s girlfriend’s appearance triggered chatter. Many fans are convinced she’s had work done to her face.

Now, early photos of Jasmin Lahtinen revealed what she looked like before her 90 Day Fiance fame. While some were impressed with the new look, others felt like she looks much better before the tweaks. See Jasmin’s striking before and after photo below.

90 Day Fiance: See Why Jasmin Lahtinen Before And After Photos Shocked Fans

Jasmin Lahtinen is making quite a buzz this week as old photos surfaced online. The 90 Day Fiance star looked quite unlike she does now, which got people talking. Old photos of Blake’s Finnish girlfriend from several years ago on her social channels triggered talks about her possible cosmetic tweaks.

Many were quick to notice the changes in Jasmin Lahtinen’s face, chiefly her lips. In one of her old photos, she rocked a relatively thinner pout — a far cry from her current Kardashian-esque lips. Many pointed out that Jasmin’s other features seem tweaked. Her nose also seems much narrower than before and upturned at the end. In fact, you can see from the side by side photo below of the 90 Day Fiance cast member Jasmin’s face changed dramatically, beyond what can be done with makeup.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmin Lahtinen

TLC Fans Have Mixed Reactions On Her Before Look

Jasmin Lahtinen’s throwback snaps definitely drew a mixture of reactions online. For some, the 90 Day Fiance celeb’s new look is an upgrade. Others noted that her appearance now perfectly matches her style and personality.

But, there are some 90 Day Fiance viewers that think Blake Abelard’s new fiancee had botched facial procedures. Apparently, they think Jasmin took a beautiful face and tinkered too much with it. There were even some who compared Jasmin Lahtinen to Darcey and Stacey Silva who are avid fans of lip fillers and other body enhancements.

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Jasmin Lahtinen’s Before Her 90 Day Fiance Gig

Many are also wondering about Jasmin Lahtinen’s life before reality tv fame. The star has a lot of things going on prior to embarking on her journey to America. It turns out, Blake Abelard’s now-wife was a gymnast. Online videos show her competing as an aerobic gymnast. And Blake said in a recent interview that Jasmin hopes to pursue a career in that field in the US.

Aside from that, Jasmin Lahtinen also participated in the 2014 Miss Suomi (Finnish for Miss Finland). She competed against nine other candidates in a bid to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to bring home the crown. Currently, it doesn’t seem like Jasmin Lahtinen’s working, given her 90 Day Fiance visa status, although they’re reportedly married now.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmin And Blake Already Married?

Meanwhile, Jasmin Lahtinen and Blake’s wedding photo seemed to leak online. See the post above report that the 90 Day Fiance couple married months ago. The photo featured Blake’s girl rocking a simple yet stylish dress while Blake Abelard looked dapper in his suit. And she’s holding what looks to be a bridal bouquet.

The couple appeared over the moon as they posed with their group of friends. Interestingly, noticeably missing on the photo was Jasmin’s sister Janette Lahtinen who is also living in LA. So far, the couple has yet to confirm the marriage, most likely because of a non-disclosure agreement with the network.

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