’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap: Colt and Debbie Date Night – Larissa Goes To Trial

This 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap is filled with shockers. Literally. Colt Johnson takes mother-wife Debbie Johnson out for margaritas and hand holding. Meanwhile, legal wife Larissa prepares for trial. Mother Chantal introduces a taser at Thanksgiving dinner. A clueless Nicole Nafziger job hunts. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet reveal their baby’s gender. Paola Mayfield spoilers for a brawl with Russ Mayfield who’s got a secret of his own. And no amount of Kung Pao Chicken can save Jay Smith now. Let’s see who cried, who lied and who survived on the TLC hot mess reality show this week.

Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson Hold Hands And Down Margaritas on 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

The drama kicks off hot as Larissa Dos Santos Lima tells producers in the car she’s “deadly afraid”. Away from the prying eyes and ears of Debbie Johnson, she reveals she feels like a prisoner. Life in the middle of a love triangle with Colt and Debbie Johnson is a living hell. And now it seems Debbie Johnson has the edge. Similarly, Vegas odds show this too. Larissa’s trial is days away. And deportation is a possibility. This d-word certainly puts a spring in mother-wife Debbie’s step. (No, the other d-word…)

Colt Johnson certainly knows how to wine and dine his favorite lady. He tells producers that things between Larissa and Debbie are like a nuke-u-lar war. Hence it’s nothing that a little tequila, limes, salt and hand holding can’t fix. Colt misses one on one time with mom-wife Debbie. He toasts to the old days where there was no couch but lots of mommy and Coltee time. Before the darkest times came in the form of a greedy Brazilian nightmare and destroyed their domestic bliss.

Later on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Colt Johnson tries to chat with Larissa about her trial. She wants to know why he lied to police. And why she doesn’t have more lingerie. Or make-up. “You are my sponsor” she tell him. Then they bickered about money and she said “I go to strip… please… please…”. Most fans thought she meant stripping. However, Larissa confirmed to Soap Dirt that she meant going to the Las Vegas strip to gamble. It seems like TLC may have edited her words for that very purpose.

We wrap with Larissa heading into court. And Debbie hoping they send her butt back to Brazil.

Nicole Nafziger is Jobless And Clueless

On this 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap, Nicole face times with Azan Tefou while daughter May plays in the park. Nicole Nafziger is bisuly scheming. She needs a cuddle and a make out sesh on a beach. She proposes a trip to Grenada where they can shack up in a hotel room and swap spit in public. Forget those pesky Muslim rules. And fingers crossed, maybe Azan would actually be allowed into that country unlike several others.

There is just one problem – neither of them have jobs or money. No matter that May needs food or clothing. Or that Nicole’s living in a trailer with her siblings. Because Nicole will get a job to fund a dream vacation. She waltzes into a temp agency and plops down with no resume or experience. Oh, and she doesn’t want to stay long at a job. Because she’s moving to MOROCCO.

Computer skills? She maneuvered a few high school projects before she got knocked up. On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Nicole is stunned that she wasn’t offered a corner office, 100k salary and full benefits. The ever-so-patient recruiter explains that there isn’t a lot of demand for her (lack of) skill set. Which is basically wiring money to a tiny guy in another country.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Family Chantel Thanksgiving Has Turkey and Tasers

This recap finds Pedro Jimenez at the point of no return. Chantel Everett drives the couple home from a doomed trip to Savannah. Of course Pedro realizes that no distance is far enough from her fam. As Mother Chantal points out, they have passports. So, they can show up anywhere in the world. At any time. So hide your weaves and harvested dollars, because no one’s getting over on the Family Chantel.

Their drive is interrupted by Mother Chantel herself. Then, she extends an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner in her broken Spanglish. Something about my bathroom is your bathroom. Pedro ignores her. Also, after they hang up he explains he will not attend. Probably because the last time he went to dinner it ended pretty badly. He will stay home, play video games, and nosh on chicken feet instead.

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, brother River is now an aspiring rapper.  When Chantel arrives solo at dinner, of course the family shares their concerns about Pedro. Dad suggest he’s probably on steroids due to his temper and puffy face. Mother Chantel produces “shockee” in between bites of stuffing. Shockee is a taser that can be used as defense if a melee breaks out at dinner. One thing is certain: the family Chantel is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jay Smith Gets Advice at The Barbershop

Jay Smith has it rough on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Busted flirting on Tinder before the ink dried on the marriage certificate, Ashley’s not budging. She won’t sign off on his immigration paperwork. He heads to the barbershop and the guys razz him about getting married young. Then, Jay explains that he didn’t understand the concept of marriage. Seems like he though it was something only rich people did. And he inherited the “gyalis” gene from his pop aka “Skinz”. Cheating is in his DNA.

So, Jay is determined to make up with Ashley Martson. His green card is on the line! What would make a basic white girl happy? He goes with Chinese food. Because a little lo mein and moo goo gai pan can fix anything. Ashley is all arms-crossed tough love mom mode. She pushes the food around but there isn’t even an egg roll, so she’s not signing anything just yet. Jay’s fortune cookie simply reads: GET THE HELL OUT.

Elizabeth’s Got A Little Moldovan Inside Her on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After

Nowwe check in with our preggo pairs. Alpha male Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast find out they are having a baby girl during an ultra sound. Andrei is happy. But tired of her family throwing nickels at them. Libby translates he means putting in two cents. Sounds like an exchange rate disconnect. Her mom throws a comboa gender reveal-bash Andrei party. Her dad starts getting jabs in right away and he kids join in on the fun and mock him.

Mom even provides a Moldovan flag. And a t-shirt that reads “I’ve Got a Little Moldovan Inside Me”. Also, Elizabeth laughs at the pervy interpretation of the t-shirt. Andrei is clueless. Which is probably a good thing. Certainly he doesn’t realize it could be referring to the size of his manhood. So, they shoot cannons of pink confetti. Finally, Andrei swigs straight from the champagne bottle. Don’t blame you buddy. Probably with that crew you’re gonna need it as they continue to call him “and-dre”.

Next, Paola Mayfield tries hard to fight with Russ Mayfield on the trek to Oklahoma. She wants to know if the Okies have seen her risque photo shoot. The one where she’s painted smurf blue while topless and standing by a an old bus. The one that resulted in a calendar that hangs in a body shop in Colombia. Russ says they have. Yawn. Later, after not taking the bait, they check into a hotel. Russ reveals a secret – he has a job offer here in the Sooner state. This is getting good. Till next week.

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