’90 Day Fiance’: Government Shutdown Threatens Future of TLC Show

90 Day Fiance Season 7 could face a delay in production due to the partial United States government shutdown. TLC’s runaway hit series wrapped it’s highest-rated season. The show immediately was greenlighted for season 7. However, due to the government shutdown, the K1 visas that are needed to bring foreign fiances to America are no longer being processed. Looks like the US government shutdown is now impacting reality TV.

90 Day Fiance – Government Shutdown Impacting Casting Season 7

90 Day Fiance features Americans who have proposed to their foreign loves and bring them to the USA on a K1 visa. Once the visa is approved, and the couple is together on American soil, they have 90 days to wed. Producers of the series are actively casting the new season but are facing challenges. With the government shutdown, visas are not able to be issued. This is causing a delay in securing a cast.

Without a 90 Day Fiance cast in place essentially filming is halted. The show casts couples who already have their K1 visas approved. Selection of the right couples is a must. With the delay in getting through the visa process, casting is unable to find couples that will get viewers hooked on tuning in weekly. The wait to get visas processed is longer. This might cause season 7 to start later than it’s originally planned air date.

Neither TLC or Sharp have made any official comment on the possible delay to season 7 of 90 Day Fiance. The longer that the US government remains partially shut down, the higher the likelihood season 7 will inevitably be pushed back on the schedule

90 Day Fiance – Happily Ever After Also Facing Casting Challenges

90 Day Fiance spinoff series Happily Ever After is also getting ready to air it’s fourth season early this spring. The TLC show is also dealing with casting issues. This seems to have TLC scrambling to secure couples to highlight for it’s latest season. The new season’s cast with couples fresh off of the latest season of 90 Day Fiance. However, most of the couples slated to be part of the show have crashed and burned before our eyes.

Colt Johnson and his Brazilian wife Larissa Christina are in the process of a nasty divorce. This after several domestic violence incidents and Larissa arrested three times within a six-month span. Jay Smith and Ashey Martson are apparently not together. In fact, Ashley filed for divorce and rescinded the petition. Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera filmed for HEA but separated before Christmas. Clearly, there seems to be no happily ever after for the cast indeed to air.

Rumors are 90 Day Fiance producers and TLC are hard at work to save the season. So far the only verified couple appearing on the next season is Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno. Indeed, they make great must-see TV  but they alone cannot carry the entire season.

There is no word on the status of the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Who knows, maybe TLC will air the couples they have filmed. Their off-screen antics propelled their season of 90 Day Fiance to record ratings. Even though we know all but one couple is actually together, the season itself could prove entertaining and worth watching.

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