’90 Day Fiance’: Geoffrey Paschel Ignores Quarantine – Travels to Closed Beach for Spring Break?

90 Day Fiance’s Geoffrey Paschel broke quarantine advice and ditched his home in Knoxville, it seems. A recent post showed him on the water at a beach in Destin, Florida. He did this even though government officials have pleaded for everyone to use common sense. They want everyone to stay away due to the coronavirus scare and social distancing.

While breaking quarantine, Geoffrey addressed many questions from fans about the mysterious tattoos on his chest. The tats drew a lot of attention lately. The 90 Day Fiance cast member decided to explain his questionable choice. What’s also a mystery is why he’s on a beach in Florida when they’re closed down for COVID concerns.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Geoffrey Paschel Setting Bad Example for Fans (and His Sons)?

Everywhere you look there are warnings for people to practice social distance and stay at home. This is in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus where new cases are showing up every day. Many 90 Day Fiance celebrities have done the right thing and encouraged their fans to follow this advice.

Geoffrey from 90 Day Fiance is obviously not worried about that advice or concerned about the restrictions in place. He is standing all alone at the water’s edge in Destin, FL. This area has closed all of its beaches, and no one else is in sight.

Does he know what message is sent to the viewers and fans of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days? He believes going out on the beach is fine. He didn’t mention if his kids were there or not. His disregard for the well-being of himself or others is on full display.

90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel

Geoffrey Paschel Can’t Decide If He Wants to Self-Quarantine or Party

Last week, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days love hopeful Geoffrey self-quarantined in Knoxville, at his home. Then, he shared a photo sitting on top of a pile of paper products with a case of Corona beer and a cigar.

90 Day Fiance fans were upset with Geoffrey Paschel for what appeared to be hoarding toilet paper and other items that are in short supply. There were those in the area that couldn’t find them anywhere. So, some followers thought he was making light of a very serious situation.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance star abandoned the pile of TP and made his way to sunny Florida. But is this bad boy really reformed? Because he was breaking the rules down there, too. But, at least he finally explained the baffling chest tattoos that fans don’t understand.

90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel - Before the 90 Days


Does the Tattoo Explanation Even Make Sense?

The whole point of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Geoffrey Paschel’s trip to Florida was to answer the many questions everyone has about the strange and puzzling ink on his chest. He said his mom and brothers weren’t fans of his new tattoos and unsure why he got them. His brothers still make fun of it today.

Geoffrey never wanted a tattoo even though many of his friends have them. He said he went to a tattoo convention with his buddies just to check it out. The ink work impressed him. Then, Geoffrey Paschel decided he wanted one too. But, he didn’t know what he wanted. So, when the tattoo artist showed him a book, he chose the design that he now calls “peacock eyebrows”.

Geoffrey’s tats confuse fans but now he explained them. Then, he asked: “Anyone want to get quarantined with me? There won’t be any dull moments”. He may have more to explain than just his tattoos after that invitation.

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