’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda Distraught Over Ex Jonathan’s Engagement?

90 Day Fiance‘s Fernanda Flores appears to be struggling with the news that ex Jonathan Rivera got engaged. Fernanda’s former husband announced his engagement earlier this month to girlfriend Janelle Miller. Yet, around the same time, Fernanda destroyed her wedding dress and tried to make the video go viral. Now, she’s saying she hasn’t been feeling that well as of late. Could it be related to her ex-husband moving on in a big way with another woman?

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Gets Engaged – Fernanda Flores Ruins Wedding Dress

It’s been speculated for months that Jonathan Rivera popped the big question to his girl Janelle Miller. But he didn’t say anything until June 18. Finally, the 90 Day Fiance personality revealed that he asked Janelle to marry him and she said yes. So, there’s going to be a wedding in the future for Jonathan and Janelle. Jon’s future wife even showed off the big rock on the engagement ring that Jonathan bought for her.

While 90 Day Fiance fans have been wishing Jonathan and his fiance Janelle the best, there’s one bitter party making themselves known. His ex-wife Fernanda Flores didn’t say anything about the news, but her actions spoke louder than words. Fernanda had decided to “makeover” the dress she wore when she married Jonathan. She destroyed her former wedding dress just after Jonathan announced his engagement. Fernanda called it her “divorce dress”.

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Fernanda Says She Hasn’t Been ‘Feeling at my Best’

It looks like the engagement news might be affecting Fernanda Flores more than she’s let on. She just told her 90 Day Fiance followers the reasoning behind her lack of social media activity as of late. “I hope everyone is doing good,” Fernanda started off by saying she hasn’t been “active” because she hasn’t been feeling “at my best”.

Fernanda Flores, the 90 Day Fiance celeb, says there are “situations that suck,” but “that’s okay”. It seems like she’s alluding to her failed marriage with Jonathan Rivera and his recent engagement. She also shared a little questionnaire that she filled out. She said she feels “hurt” about something right now. This could be because after her breakup, Jonathan says she wanted to get back together and he told her no. That’s when things got pretty ugly between the two. So, seeing him with someone that makes him happy seems to set her on edge.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda’s Seeing a Therapist – Says Stay Positive

Going to a therapist is the new normal these days, so it’s not too shocking that Fernanda Flores has one of her own. Especially after how the end of her 90 Day Fiance relationship with Jonathan played out. It was messy and emotional and she probably needed some extra help dealing with all of those negative feelings. Yet, for her current situation, Fernanda says that “my therapist told me that I need to focus in the good in my life and motivate myself”.

She explained, “There’s things in life that suck sometimes but it’s all about how we react”. Plus, she says it’s all about staying “positive” which is some pretty solid advice. Maybe we should be calling Fernanda’s therapist for some tips.

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