’90 Day Fiance’: Drunk Dancing Tania Neglects Syngin in She-Shed [Recap]

90 Day Fiance’s Tania Maduro is living it up in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, her fiance Syngin Colchester is back in Connecticut hoping her mom will share a little of her hooch with him. But it’s not looking good. Syngin is antsy and just wants to hear from Tania a little more often.

Especially when she’s out drinking and blowing off steam after a long day at witch doctor school. Let’s see what’s going on with the couple in this recap of season 7 episode 9 I Don’t Have a Choice. You can catch the show Sundays at 8 on TLC.

Tania Maduro Boozes and Boogies While Syngin Waits on 90 Day Fiance

SoSyngin Colchester’s in America on a K-1 visa while his fiancee Tania Maduro took off to Costa Rica for witch doctor school. She left Syngin behind in her mom’s she-shed. Then, her mom scolded Syngin for dipping into her Jack Daniel’s stash. Poor guy just wants Tania to ring him up now and then.

Instead, his 90 Day Fiance Tania Maduro’s enjoying the nightlife in South America. She takes salsa lessons and drinks with her friends. Then invites her dance teacher to join them on their “girls night”. But, Syngin Colchester asks her to check in with him later.

And, Tania Maduro jabbers on about not having time and not liking to make promises. Girl please. You dragged this dude across the world and dumped the 90 Day Fiance in your mom’s back yard. Where she won’t even let him have a nip of whiskey. But you can’t be bothered to shoot off a text?

Syngin Colchester Pays Tania’s Sister a Visit

Syngin Colchester gets a day pass to leave his backyard bungalow and heads to see Tania Maduro’s sister on 90 Day Fiance. The one whose baby Tania wanted him to practice with. Syngin explains Tania’s kinda been ignoring him. And that it sucks. Because, he’s not checking up, and just wants to know she’s safe.

He says when Tania Maduro’s drinking, she can come off a little flirty. Then, Syngin Colchester asks her sister if Tania’s ever been unfaithful to a boyfriend. On 90 Day Fiance, sis Tiana (same five letters in the name) isn’t giving up any goods on Tania Maduro. But, does admit Tania doesn’t realize she hurts Syngin Colchester.

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90 Day Fiance: Drunk Tania Grudgingly Answers Syngin’s Call

Syngin Colchester tries calling Tania again and proves his point as she doesn’t answer. So, he heads back to the shed to sit alone and wait. Meanwhile, Tania Maduro’s mom probably set up a nanny cam to see if he’s stealing JD or Tiramisu. Then, Syngin waits to see if his 90 Day Fiance bothers to pick up the phone later.

Meanwhile, Tania Maduro’s busy dancing and drinking. But, finally decides to answer Syngin Colchester’s call. And, she lets the dance instructor in on the video chat who assures Syngin that they are having a great time while he’s living like Slingblade in her mom’s backyard mower garage on 90 Day Fiance.

Then, Tania steps away and drunkenly rambles that she doesn’t like having to check-in. And that she’s a well-traveled lass and it’s fine if she passes out on a beach in another country. This woman is an inconsiderate B. No wonder her sister called her an a**hole… Watch Sundays to see why Syngin Colchester sticks around for more neglect from Tania Maduro.

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