’90 Day Fiance’: Did Colt Endure Horrible Insults to Show the Real Larissa on Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Colt Johnson was the target of some pretty rough name-calling on Sunday night’s show as Larissa Dos Santos Lima spewed caustic comments. Whether or not Larissa or Colt should shoulder the blame for their marriage problems, is not the only point debated online today. What she said to Colt on the 90 Day Fiance episode left some viewers mortified.

90 Day Fiance: Harsh Words Aimed at Colt Johnson

Today fans know this 90 Day Fiance marriage ended in divorce. But now they get to see first-hand how it got to that point. And… it’s really shocking. As Colt walks through the door after a day at work, viewers watched as Larissa verbally slammed him over and over. She demanded Colt do something after she embarked on yet another battle with Debbie Johnson, his mom.

When this 90 Days Fiance husband declined to reprimand his mother as his wife demanded, Larissa blew up. Besides referring to her husband as “fat” she also suggests something totally disgusting between her husband and his mother. She insinuates that Debbie is his lover. She even said go “f-k her” as in telling him to sex up his mother. Pretty harsh no matter how mad you are at your husband, right?

Happily Ever After: Larissa Lima Spews Vitriol

Larissa Lima also uses derogatory words like “pig” when talking about her husband. She’s not at all respectful to Colt’s mom, Debbie Johnson, as well. Larissa spits out shocking words concerning her mother-in-law and they were all caught on the 90 Day Fiance cameras.

Whether it was embarrassment or anger, Colt’s face turned red. It might have been a little bit of both. Larissa not only insulted his body, but she started down the road of his performance in the bedroom. Her exit from the house came only after she showered Colt Johnson with just about every mortifying insult under the sun.

But Colt sat still as Larissa Lima kept bad mouthing him. Then when she went into the kitchen, he followed her. Some fans wonder why he didn’t just walk away from this very personal attack. While 90 Days Fiance needs the drama to keep it on top of the ratings, this is over the edge for some viewers.

90 Day Fiance: Did Colt Have His Reasons?

Larissa Lima walked out of that house under her third arrest by the time Sunday’s 90 Day Fiance taped. While some fans blamed Debbie and Colt Johnson for Larissa’s arrests, they got to see a different side of her in the last episode.

Colt did feel guilty about his wife’s arrest, he said so during a previous 90 Day Fiance. But fans didn’t see how Larissa Lima constantly poked him, or at least not to the extent she demonstrated on this week’s show.

Maybe Colt sat there so the fans could see just what he goes through. It seems viewers felt embarrassed for Colt after watching that scene of his wife ripping him apart, whether or not they identify as Team Larissa or Team Colt.

But it opened a window for viewers to see Larissa in full-blown action on the latest episode to air.

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