’90 Day Fiance’: Devar Walters and Melanie Bowers Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

90 Day Fiance stars Devar Walters and his TLC wife Melanie Bowers recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. Another year of being husband and wife. To celebrate the special occasion, Devar shared some feelings from the heart.

90 Day Fiance: Melanie Bowers & Devar Walters Spend Family Time Poolside

A few years after Devar Walters and his spouse Melanie Bowers got married, they welcomed their first child together. The 90 Day Fiance duo became parents to their daughter Avah. However, Melanie already had a son from her previous marriage. But, Devar has always treated her son as if he was his child. Although, he was happy to be a father to his own little girl. He even likes to refer to Avah as “the boss.”

Over the summer, the 90 Day Fiance former cast members have been spending a lot of family time together. TLC’s Melanie Bowers and her husband Devar Walters spent a lot of time in the pool with Avah. Devar shared pictures of Avah enjoying the water. But, will Devar and Melanie have another baby soon?

90 Day Fiance: Devar Walters - Melanie Bowers - Avah Walters

Melanie and Devar Head Out on Date Nights

Melanie Bowers and Devar Walters may have their hands full taking care of Avah, but they still make time for just the two of them. The 90 Day Fiance parents have spent a lot of alone time out on dates. They make each date night special by dressing up for the outing. As working parents, it isn’t always easy getting to spend mommy and daddy time without having kids around. But, they seem to be able to make it happen.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans are starting to wonder when Melanie Bowers and her hubby Devar Walters plan on expanding their family again. With all these date nights, these fans were curious if they’re trying for another baby. Devar doesn’t seem to be against the idea of growing their family. A fan had asked him when the TLC copule were going to have more kids. He told the fan, “soon.” However, the couple has not yet shared any baby news. So, the plan may be on pause for now.

90 Day Fiance: Devar Walters - Melanie Bowers

90 Day Fiance Couple Celebrate Another Year of Marriage

Devar Walters’ marriage to Melanie Bowers is still going strong. In the beginning, the pair had a lot of people doubting their marriage, especially Melanie’s sister. She had a hard time accepting Melanie’s relationship with Devar. She thought that Devar was only using Melanie for a green card. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case since the two are still married, many years later.

The 90 Day Fiance pair have proved all their doubters wrong. Over the weekend, Devar Walters and his other half Melanie Bowers celebrated yet another wedding anniversary. To celebrate the big day, he took a selfie of himself and Melanie on their wedding day. In the photo, the two were locking lips, and all dressed up in their wedding day attire.

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