’90 Day Fiance’: Devar and Melanie Celebrate Special Milestone for Avah Walters

90 Day Fiance stars Devar Walters and Melanie Bowers celebrated a huge milestone for their daughter, little Avah Walters. The couple’s little girl is growing up fast. She’s coming into her own and developing quite an artistic personality. Certainly, she is the apple of her daddy’s eye. Now the adorable toddler turns three, and the family gathers to celebrate Avah’s special day.

90 Day Fiance: Little Avah Walters Turns Three

90 Day Fiance parents Melanie Bowers and her husband Devar Walters’ daughter Avah is now three years old. Their little girl certainly has grown up right in front of our eyes. However, it seems like just yesterday we waited for her arrival. Now she’s a vibrant and very sassy three-year-old. Certainly, she has leadership skills. No doubt she will do great things in her life.

Avah Walters affectionately is known as “The Boss” by her 90 Day Fiance father, Devar Walters. There’s no question the little tot has spunk. Her parents foster her creativity. Recently the couple shared Avah loves to paint. In their home, the walls are covered with her artwork. Perhaps one day, these and others will hang in an art gallery. The sky is the limit for Avah Walters.

90 Day Fiance: Avah Walters

Devar Walters Doting Dad

Avah Walters has stolen her father’s heart and has him wrapped around her little finger. The 90 Day Fiance celeb always shares pictures of his precious daughter. Although he affectionately refers to her as  “The Boss,” he also calls her his little sunshine. No doubt there’s not much Avah wouldn’t get from her devoted father. There’s no question she’s a daddy’s girl.

Melanie Bowers and her spouse Devar Walters are raising Avah to have manners. She might only be three years old, but she’s already mastering proper table manners. The couple takes every opportunity to teach their daughter new things.

Devar Walters is such a good after that 90 Day Fiance fans can not help but wonder if he and his wife plan to add another child to the family. Devar is open to adding to his family. However, for the time being, it will be just him, Melanie, Avah, and his stepson Hunter. Hopefully, soon this family of four expands to a family of five.

90 Day Fiance: Devar Walters - Avah Walters

90 Day Fiance: Melanie and Devar Celebrate Another Year Together

We first met Melanie Bowers and her now-husband Devar Walters on season three of 90 Day Fiance. That season aired in 2015. So this couple certainly has beaten the odds. They have been together well over five years. Now, this fall, the couple celebrated another wedding anniversary. Certainly, they are one of the success stories for the franchise.

The last time this course appeared as regulars on the hit TLC franchise was in 21017. That was when we learned the couple welcomed their first daughter together. Little Avah is now three years old, and her parent’s marriage is still going strong.

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