’90 Day Fiance’: Debbie Center of Larissa’s Duress – Should Colt Side with Wifey or Mom?

90 Day Fiance has Larissa Christina and Debbie Johnson at odds constantly over Colt Johnson. Now fans are dived on the latest development concerning his mom. Larissa doesn’t want Debbie living with them and Colt doesn’t want to turn his back on his mother.

While Debbie was hopeful at the beginning of the season that they could all live harmoniously under one roof, it looks like it might not pan out. Still, Colt Johnson is adamant that his mom stays with them but now Larissa starts to rock the boat. Vote in the poll below on what you think he should do!

Colt Johnson and 90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina

There’s not much love lost between Debbie and Larissa, but Colt Johnson loves both women. Debbie Johnson finds Larissa Christina hard to live with and the Brazilian says the same about her. With that said, the 90 Day Fiance is on a campaign for her and “Coltee” to get their own place.

If that does happen, Debbie Johnson said she’d move into some sort of senior housing. He told his fiancee that she can’t make him pick between her and his mother. Fans of 90 Day Fiance witnessed how Colt Johnson attempted to put his foot down. Yet it didn’t seem to change the mind of his bride-to-be.

The Big Question – Should He Take a Stand?

Should Colt Johnson make a stand and insist Debbie remains part of the package deal?  He’s a self-described “mama’s boy,” which he said early on in the 90 Day Fiance season. The mother-son duo is extremely close and they watch out for one another.

Thousands of families have a parent living with them as they age. But Larissa sees him living with his mother as just wrong.  Different cultures handle aging differently. One study says “Brazilians… tend to embrace and take care of their parents in old age”. So Larissa may be an outlier.

The Plight of Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson and her son have lived together for most of his life. When Colt Johnson started his long-distance relationship with Larissa Christina, Colt said she was aware of the situation with him and his mother. He also said, early on in the season, that she was fine with this living arrangement. But since his 90 Day Fiance came to Vegas, things got rocky.

Yet she insists that Colt told her that he wanted to move out when she came to America. She said recently on Instagram and on the TLC show that she was misled. Was this a breakdown in communication or is one of them fibbing? Perhaps it’s just clever editing, but it seems like more than that. Debbie clearly wasn’t expecting to live apart from her son.

Future Mother-In-Law

Debbie Johnson offered Larissa the freedom to decorate their home in any style she pleased when she first arrived. One of the first things she wanted gone was the slot machine. Then viewers (and Larissa Christina) found out Colt Johnson’s father gifted to his mother. It wasn’t just a slot machine to Debbie, but a gift she cherished from her late husband.

Larrissa made it clear within hours of arrival that she didn’t like their home, car, or the city where they lived. She didn’t seem happy from the start. Her expectations clearly were not aligned with the reality of Colt’s life seemingly in every aspect. Recent 90 Day Fiance episodes are showing matters getting more explosive between the two women. Fans seem divided on who’s at fault.

Money Matters

Debbie and Colt share household expenses and mama controls a joint checking account. They also share a joint credit card. Debbie also knows that Colt is frugal. Debbie tried to control Larissa when the two shopped for both furniture and a wedding gown. She told Debbie that Colt said she could buy what she wants but Debbie said no no no.

Money is a constant source of stress and bickering between Colt’s fiancee and mom on 90 Day Fiance episodes. Larissa Christina can’t work so she has no money of her own. Debbie holds the purse strings and Colt Johnson lets his mom pull them. He seems to take his mother’s side on money matters and his fiancee always seems frustrated on the show.

Where’s Colt in All of This?

While it’s obvious Colt’s mother and bride (since they got hitched back in June) aren’t getting along, should he sideline his mom in favor of Larissa? Colt insisted that Larissa not ask him to pick between them on the last 90 Day Fiance episode. Both women are angry and tugging at him and quite frankly, just don’t seem to like one another.

Are they perhaps nicer when the TLC cameras aren’t rolling? Larissa posted on an Instagram Q&A that they film for 10 hours in a day and 10 minutes make the program that put them all in the worst light. Is Larissa right to want Colt all to herself or should he insist his mom stays in the picture no matter what Larissa says?

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What should Colt do about Debbie and Larissa?


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