90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson Says John ‘Crossed The Line’ And Doesn’t Even Know Colt

90 Day Fiance cast member Debbie Johnson took to Instagram to address the comments made by Colt Johnson’s cousin John Maymoun against Larissa Christina. John has been against Colt’s marriage to Larissa Christina from the beginning. After the explosive blowout last week, Debbie set the record straight. What she said is stunning, particularly since she’s #TeamLarissa on this subject.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson Defends Larissa Christina

Debbie and Larissa have butted heads on more than one occasion on 90 Day Fiance, so it’s interesting that she came to her daughter-in-law’s defense recently. Mama Debbie Johnson said, “My nephew crossed the line and also lied. I never talked to him about larissa. I have never said anything bad about Larissa’s to anyone especially not to John.”

Larissa commented in last week’s episode that she thought Debbie was talking about her to Colt Johnson’s cousin behind her back. This comment from Debbie seems to put this to rest. John Maymoun and his wife Lea were featured on 90 Day Fiance a few times now. Larissa even invited John’s wife to go wedding dress shopping with her.

It seems like the cousin has more objections than anyone else when it comes to the union between Colt Johnson and Larissa. Debbie spills the tea further on Colt’s cousin, and it paints an interesting picture of their relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Says John Maymoun Lied

When John Maymoun was first introduced on 90 Day Fiance, it looks as though he and Colt Johnson have an ongoing relationship. According to Debbie, that’s not the case at all. “I feel sorry for John,” she says. “John has only been close to us for a year. He doesn’t know Colt at all.” If John hasn’t been in Colt’s life very long, why does he appear to be the most offended by Colt’s decision to marry Larissa?

Moreover, is John jealous of Colt Johnson and the attention 90 Day Fiance has brought? Why would someone that’s known Colt the least amount of time be the most disturbed by his life decisions? According to Debbie,  “To act like they are best friends is totally not true. He doesn’t know anything that is going on with us.” This was evidenced in the recent explosive fight between Cousin John and Larissa Christina.

Did John Target Larissa and Colt Johnson From the Start?

Based on what 90 Day Fiance Debbie spilled, it looks like John had it out for Larissa from the beginning. Debbie Johnson confirms that the animosity is deeply rooted: “He hated Larissa before she ever came to our house. I can no longer stand by and listen to his lies.” If this hatred was building since before Larissa Christina even arrived, it can’t be Larissa’s fault, right?

It’s important to know that the volatile showdown between Larissa and Cousin John happened not long before her first domestic violence arrest. The wedding countdown clock is running on 90 Day Fiance. The LVPD arrested her just five days before her wedding to Colt Johnson. That means it should air on TLC very soon.

It’s interesting to see Debbie defend Larissa given their shaky history. Plus, she spilled the tea on John Maymoun the same day that Colt Johnson confessed to cheating with a strange homage to Bill Clinton. There is plenty more of this mad tale to tell and it’s unfolding Sunday nights on TLC and almost daily on Instagram!

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