’90 Day Fiance’: Deavan Clegg Calls Out Cast Member for Talking Sh** About Her – Who Is It?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way‘s Deavan Clegg (wife of Jihoon Lee) recently called out a fellow TLC alum for trash talking her. Deavan didn’t name names publicly. But, there’s speculation going around regarding who it could be. Jihoon Lee’s wife took to Instagram for a lengthy live video. And, she talked about everything she’s been dealing with lately. What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Deavan Clegg Calls Out TLC Star

90 Day Fiance alum Deavan Clegg put up a lengthy IG live video detailing everything she has been through recently. In addition, she went in on another TLC alum. Interestingly, she chose to keep the name secret. She said she will respect people’s privacy. But, she also said 90 Day Fiance watchers would probably be able to guess who the trash talker is.

Deavan Clegg accused the mystery cast member of going to several 90 Day Fiance pages and “talking sh**” about her. According to Deavan, the vitriol isn’t limited to just her. The unknown harasser is also going in on her for her parenting. Certainly, this is a familiar topic that Deavan has been in the hot seat for all season. Man fans saw her daughter Drascilla on the TLC show and felt like she was out of control and running amok. And, many criticized Deavan Clegg for allowing that behavior.

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg - Instagram

Who Is Responsible?

There are a lot of fan theories going around right now regarding who Deavan Clegg is talking about. She called this person a “bully” and said they were very “rude” to her. Many 90 Day Fiance followers believe it could either be Laura Jallali or Leida Margaretha.

Laura Jallali has been spewing a lot of hate online recently. Whether it’s Aladin Jallali or recently going in on Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Laura Jallali is a clear front-runner. Deavan Clegg recently called out the Canadian woman for lying. Perhaps this is some form of retaliation.

Another potential culprit is Leida Margaretha. Eric Rosenbrook’s wife is one of the most disliked 90 Day Fiance stars among viewers. In addition, controversy seems to follow her around quite a bit. And, she has gone in on cast members and followers in the past. At one point it seemed she and Deavan were close. And, there are pictures making the rounds of Leida with Deavan’s kids. Perhaps that relationship soured and the former friends are now enemies.

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg - Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Claps Back

In a recent clap back on her IG story, Deavan Clegg called out this person and went in on them for criticizing her parenting. Deavan Clegg said this person has come out publicly against bullying but harasses her “all the time.” Both Laura Jallali and Leida Margaretha have come out publicly against bullying and proceeded to bully online. So, that could go either way.

The kicker comes with what Deavan Clegg says at the end of her recent update. She said this particular bully isn’t relevant anymore. Certainly, that could point to the fact that this person is no longer on a current season of 90 Day Fiance and subsequently out of the spotlight. If it is Leida Margaretha, she certainly fits this criteria.

Deavan Clegg has been through a lot recently. She came out publicly and revealed she suffered a miscarriage at six weeks. And, while dealing with that, it seems she is being hounded by another TLC cast member. Meanwhile, the identity of the TLC bully is definitely going to be a hot topic heading into the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way finale and Tell-All.

Don’t forget to catch the season finale of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Monday night on TLC.

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