’90 Day Fiance’: Deavan Bans Kids From Social – Won’t Let Trolls Hate on Her Children

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member Deavan Clegg recently clapped back at fans criticizing her daughter, Drascilla. And, she said she won’t let the trolls hate on her children. Deavan’s parenting has been a topic of discussion among viewers since her first season of The Other Way with Jihoon Lee. And, it looks like she reached her limit with watchers. What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Claps Back at Fan Hate – ‘The Other Way’

This latest controversy started when Jihoon Lee shared a snap with Deavan Clegg’s daughter, Drascilla. Deavan claims 90 Day Fiance followers sent her “threatening” emails surrounding Drascilla’s appearance in the photo.

Jihoon Lee’s spouse added that Drascilla looked “tired” in the pic because of the “lighting” and “shadows”. And, the young 90 Day Fiance mother said watchers need to “work on themselves” and stop being “rude”. Meanwhile, she went in even more on the trolls.

The image in question is a black and white photo of Jihoon Lee and Drascilla. And, 90 Day Fiance followers commented on how “tired” she looks. Others even commented on her teeth and the state of her dental hygiene. You can see the photo below.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee - Drascilla - The Other Way

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Defends Her Daughter

Deavan Clegg said her daughter is “healthy and happy”. And, she added that Drascilla has everything she needs. In addition, she is a good older sister. And, she helps out with baby brother, Taeyang Scuti Lee. Meanwhile, viewers commenting on how pale Drascilla looks make her “sick”.

Jihoon’s wife said that both she and her daughter are “pale naturally”. And, she said the contrast is more noticeable when they’re next to someone with tan skin like Jihoon Lee. Moreover, she said there is nothing “wrong” or “unhealthy” about having that complexion.

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No More Updates with Kids?

On top of clapping back at haters, Deavan Clegg resorts to some drastic measures to protect her children. She said she won’t post future pictures with her children. Both she and Jihoon Lee will remove them from all platforms – as well as any future 90 Day Fiance content the pair film.

90 Day Fiance viewers blasted Deavan Clegg over her parenting since her first season of The Other Way with Jihoon Lee. And, it looks like the pair will take action to protect their children. Deavan shared a picture of Drascilla with her latest update. And, she said it’s the last one featuring her kids.

Deavan Clegg said adults who harass children are “disgusting”. And, she said 90 Day Fiance viewers harassing her family are the “lowest of lows”. In her mind, these types of people can “kindly go away”.

Jihoon and wife Deavan Clegg appear on the upcoming second season of The Other Way. But, if Deavan keeps her word, this could be the last time viewers see anything from Drascilla or Taeyang Scuti Lee moving forward.

Interestingly, she shared updates with her children following her latest attack on critics.

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