’90 Day Fiance’: David And Annie – Are They Still Together?

90 Day Fiance stars David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan appeared on season five of the TLC series. David met Annie while he was living in Thailand. Despite their age gap, the couple fell in love. David proposed to Annie and the couple got married in America. However, not before David had to pay a dowry to Annie’s family in order to marry her. David was broke and couldn’t pay the dowry in full. Despite the rocky beginning to their marriage, David Toborowsky and young bride Annie Suwan are still happily married. Here’s the latest on the TLC pair and where they are now.

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky Lands Himself A Job

David Toborowsky had a hard time getting a job when he came back to America. He had no money, which meant he and Annie Suwan had to live with his friend Chris Thieneman. However, the pair were eventually kicked out of his friend’s house. According to the What Now series, David and his wife moved into an apartment on top of a storage facility that is owned by Chris.

Before that, you might remember they lived in a refurbished fire station. But then, David Toborowsky landed himself a job at a college. He is a professor teaching English as a second language. Ironically, Annie Suwan is one of his students. With an income coming in, David hopes he can move out of the storage unit apartment soon. However, it would be easier for the couple if they had a second income and that ties back to his 90 Day Fiance green card status as revealed on 90 Day Fiance: What Now.

Annie Suwan Gets Much-Needed Permits

Annie Suwan quickly became bored living in America. She was unhappy with her living arrangements and not being able to make her own money. Due to her immigration status she was not able to get her driver’s license or get a job. She started to wonder why her permits were taking so long to come in. She started to question if David Toborowsky even submitted the paperwork.

After waiting so long, the 90 Day Fiance from Thailand finds out her travel and work permit has arrived. David Toborowsky lets his wife know the good news. Now Annie is able to work legally in the country. She is also able to travel. She admits that she wants to join the Army now that she has her permits. To celebrate, the pair went out for a driving lesson in pal Chris’ Humvee.

90 Day Fiance Couple Back In Thailand

Due to the delay in Annie Suwan’s travel permit, the couple was not able to leave the US. So, Annie had not visited her family in Thailand since she came to America. However, with her permit in hand, all that changed. Annie and her husband David Toborowsky headed to Thailand.

Annie and husband David revealed on social media that they went back to Thailand. They are spending some time visiting family. While in Thailand, Annie made sure to visit her water buffalo. David bought the animal as a part of the dowry. The animal birthed a baby last summer, which was great news for the Suwan family. The couple seem to be happy in the country where their love story started. Even if it’s just for a visit.

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