’90 Day Fiance’: Danielle Mullins Jbali Update – What Happened to Mohamed Jbali?

90 Day Fiance‘s Danielle Mullins Jbali and Mohamed Jbali have quite the history on the TLC show. 90 Day Fiance: Danielle’s Story chronicles that history through all its ups and downs. There are countless memes poking fun at the pair online. But, many TLC watchers want to know what happened to them. Where are Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins now?

90 Day Fiance: Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali

TLC fans often wonder what happened to Mohamed Jbali on 90 Day Fiance. In addition, many wonder if Mohamed is still in the US. Whether or not Mohamed was deported is a frequent conversation starter online. The recent special on TLC goes back to the beginning of the journey for the pair. Before all the drama and the memes. What did 90 Day Fiance viewers get out of this trip down memory lane?

90 Day Fiance viewers know the duo are no longer together. But, it’s interesting to watch past events knowing what watchers know now. Danielle Jbali’s financial situation was always a point of contention for the former couple. Many accused Mohamed Jbali of using her for a green card. One of the people adamantly against the union was Danielle’s son Corey.

90 Day Fiance: Did Mohamed Jbali Get Deported?

Things came to a head on 90 Day Fiance when Mohamed Jbali bolted to Miami with another woman. There were red flags early. He went on a lot of solo trips with other women – minus Danielle Mullins. Pictures appeared online of the Tunisian man with other women. This led Danielle to try to get her former love out of the country. Danielle wanted the marriage to work but didn’t picture it ending in this fashion.

In the end, Danielle Jbali wanted an annulment on 90 Day Fiance. But, a judge ruled in favor of a divorce instead. So, even though the pair are no longer legally together, it looks like Mohamed is able to stay in America. His Instagram is chock-full of selfies, pictures of his dog Bowie, and snaps of food he cooked. It looks like he focuses on living his life minus Danielle. It’s unclear whether there are any other women in his life. But, based on his IG, it doesn’t look like it.


Danielle Mullins Jbali Now

Danielle Jbali tells her former 90 Day Fiance husband that she’s seeing someone new. But, it doesn’t look like she is currently seeing anyone. Her IG doesn’t give any indication that there’s a new man in her life. There are pictures of her food, her family, and various products she promotes. But, it doesn’t look like there’s a new love in her life. Perhaps things went south, or perhaps she’s keeping a potential love interest out of the public eye. The TLC special shows a man she was talking to online ghosting her after she drives out to meet him.

Either way, it’s clear that she and Mohamed are no longer an item. And, both moved on with their lives since their time together on 90 Day Fiance. Interestingly, Danielle Mullins Jbali admitted to reaching out to Mohamed once again and it seemed she got burned once more. She also admitted to wanting to sue him for money she spent on him.

Other than trying to get her money back, it looks like Mohamed has no role in Danielle’s life currently. She is busy with weight loss and spending time with friends. Danielle is still looking for a serious relationship and isn’t giving up on finding love.

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