’90 Day Fiance’ Danielle Jbali – Uses Mohamed As Example for Lovelorn?

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali recently found another use for the story of her plight with Mohamed Jbali. Now that she’s divorced, Danielle has some experience to share with another 90 Day Fiance star.

90 Day Fiance – Danielle Jbali Love Life Example

Danielle’s lived through it, so who better to enlighten a fellow 90 Day Fiance star as she’s looking for love on the other side of the world?  She’s been through the wringer with the man she married, so Danielle Jbali is putting that experience to good use. It looks like she is giving out advice to the lovelorn. From the latest report, it’s advice well heeded.

It seems it was back in July when Danielle Jbali advised 90 Day Fiance star, Nicole Nafziger, on the steps to take in her long-distance relationship. Nicole, much like she, fell in love with a man half-way across the world. It also looks like Nicole heeded Danielle’s advice, according to In Touch Magazine.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou

Nicole was due to marry her fiance Azan Tefou, who is from Morocco. Problems with her paperwork prevented the marriage. When he was denied his K-1 fiance visa to the US it seems Nicole took Danielle Jbali up on her advice. Nicole flew to him and plans to marry Azan in Morocco.

While this gathered a bunch of negative comments from the 90 Day Fiance fans online, some people supported her trip. Danielle is one of those folks who believed it was a good idea for Nicole to go to where her new love lives and plays.

90 Day Fiance – Danielle Jbali Advises to Take it All In

Danielle suggested Nicole go to his homeland and get the complete picture of her fiance before entering into a marriage. The 90 Day Fiance alum hinted Nicole should go more than once before tying the knot. Danielle said:

“I have talked to Nicole in the past and I advised her to go over [to Morocco] more than once—which she has done that.” She continued: “But then, it hurts me because there were conversations that came up with Azan and other women—that’s something that happened with me and Mohamed.”

Remember, Nicole caught her fiance in the act of messaging another woman online. Danielle said that is why she offered the advice to a fellow 90 Day Fiance star. Azan promised Nicole he would stop.

Danielle said that she thought Nicole would get a better idea of this guy’s sincerity if she went to where he lived more than once. She said: ” That’s why I told her to go over more than once cause maybe she could get a better feeling if she went over more than once.”

Danielle Jbali and Mohamed Jbali

Danielle married Mohamed Jbali after meeting him online. He came from his native country of Tunisia to marry her. The marriage didn’t have the earmarks for longevity from the beginning. Mohamed didn’t have a job and Danielle ended up as the breadwinner in the family.

The bills piled up and she ended up losing her job, which didn’t sit well with Mohamed Jbali. She suspected her new husband of cheating on her and not being truthful from the beginning.  It appears neither of the two presented their real selves online before meeting in person.

The situation is spelled out nicely in the video below which has Danielle Jbali informing Mohamed she has no money. Is it money or love that he’s more interested in? Perhaps you can read between the lines.

90 Day Fiance – Not Quite as it Seemed

Mohamed thought he was coming to America to marry a well-to-do American. While Danielle Jbali was comfortable, she was far from well-off. The two weren’t very romantic from the get-go and he blamed that on his religious beliefs. The writing was on the wall and soon Mohamed Jbali was off and running.

Happily-Ever-After as Uber Driver?

Danielle divorced Mohamed Jbali and despite having evidence that he married her for a green card, she didn’t go forward to have him deported. As far as Mohamed’s life goes, he is living the American Dream in Texas. He is legally in the US and making a life for himself.

Mohamed Jbali has to work to support himself now that he’s not in Ohio with Danielle Jbali anymore. He’s become an Uber driver and is gaining some recognition around his photography. As far as Nicole and Azan, it sounds like things are working out well for her.

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