’90 Day Fiance’: Corey’s Magic Trick Scares the Bejesus out of Evelin’s Family – ‘The Other Way’ Recap

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way finds Corey Rathgeber desperately trying to impress Evelin Villegas‘ family at her brother’s birthday party with magic tricks. Tiffany Franco scolds Ronald Smith for his bachelor party hijinks. With Drascilla back home after falling ill, Deavan Clegg presses on to win the approval of the family Jihoon. Aladin Jallali remembers flowers for wife Laura Jallali’s arrival, but points out her extra baggage. And Sumit stands up for Jenny Slatten before getting some bad news about their future. Viewers may want to rethink eating poultry while watching season 1 episode 8 Chickening Out.

Corey’s Chicken Culture Shock on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Corey Rathgeber survived night one in Ecuador at Evelin Villegas’ grandma’s house. He seems confident that he’s getting the hang of life in Engabao, Ecuador. So, he won’t just be a token Gringo.The two happily hold hands through the streets to go get chicken for a family birthday celebration for Evelin’s brother. Corey is all smiles until he realizes we aren’t talking Tyson flash-frozen breasts here. But rather a real chicken farm where he will choose an unwitting bird to go on the chopping block.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Corey Rathgeber freaks out watching the chosen chicken meet a quick demise with a knife and a funnel. Evelin couldn’t be any more annoyed with his drama. It’s the way it is here, so suck it up buttercup. Later, the party is in full swing. Corey answers questions from her dad about his intentions. While his plan is to marry Evelin and stay forever, he admits he’s not so sure Evelin’s on the same page.

The transplanted Mormon has a trick up his sleeve. And some burning flesh. He tells producer’s he’s always been into magic. Of course he has… When you live in a compound in the woods, you have to do something for fun. He flashes a deck of cards and Evelin’s dad picks one and writes it down. He then burns the paper and rubs ashes on his arm to make a 7. Evelin’s grandma is convinced this is some sort of diabolical black magic. Um, sorry Abuela, it’s just not that deep. Not with Corey on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. 

Jihoon, Deavan and Drascilla: It’s All in The “Hamily”

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Deavan Clegg is desperate to win over Jihoon Lee’s parents Hong Ju and Jung Lee. So far, their Vegas vacation has rivaled the Griswald’s. Mostly thanks to wild child Drascilla’s counter surfing and sagging diaper precariously close to food. Not to mention the raw bacon. Perhaps due to that undercooked pork, Drascilla fell ill. And was whisked back to Utah by Deavan’s mom.

This clears the way for some good old-fashioned sight-seeing of Las Vegas on a double-decker bus. Jihoon’s parents certainly seem to enjoy the sights and sounds of Sin City. But for Jihoon’s mom, not so much the smells. There are lots of ooohs and ahhs and selfies and videos. They see the Bellagio fountain or as Jihoon puts it “famous water”. Next, the jail where 90 Day Fiance cast mate Larissa Dos Santos Lima awaits bail. (No they really didn’t — JK).

Later, on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Deavan provides an American style smorgasbord for the South Koreans complete with hamburgers, pickles and assorted deep-fried things. While they nosh, she gets Siri to ask Jihoon to find out if they are approved. And if they like Drascilla. Jihoon’s dad says that while he was surprised by Deavan being pregnant, they want to welcome her to the “hamily”. This makes everyone crack up and Drascilla too gets the green light. Awww.

Laura Schools Aladin on Jiggy-Jiggy on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Laura Jallali traveled for two days to finally move in with hunky hubby Aladin. Despite some recent trouble in paradise (such as Aladin blocking her on the phone and social media), Laura’s ready for her new life. Despite his juvenile behavior, Aladin seems really happy to see his American woman. He throws caution to the wind and kisses her. Are you jealous Nicole? And even brings flowers. But does pause to point out to her that she’s gained some weight.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Aladin also brought his squad for a meet and greet. Laura’s not too happy about this. She was really hoping for some one on one with him to discuss their problems and teach him some new moves for getting jiggy with it. But first, he takes her to see the apartment where they’ll be living. Laura admits that her feet are killing her and she needs a wheelchair. Honey, that might not be far off.

She immediately complains that the apartment smells like mothballs. Which reminds her of old ladies. Again…. She also isn’t too fond of the kitchen. Which has a double hot plate and some sort of countertop oven from The Jetsons. Perhaps she can call up 90 Day Fiance-Pillow Talk star Annie Suwan for some pointers. Aladin thinks she just likes to complain. And he’s right. Because next she lets the world know he’s not satisfying her in the sack. So Dr Laura brought some toys.

An Ambassador and a Gentleman – Sumit Does India and Jenny Proud

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Sumit and his lady Jenny Slatten are off to finally meet his friends. The friends are nice and eager to get to know Jenny better. But at another table, some people start talking bad about Jenny and making fun of her. While Jenny is oblivious, Sumit’s not. So, he calls out the offender. He tells him to quit being disrespectful. That he’s trying to show India in a good way, and this dude’s just making it all bad. So step off please. Bravo, Sumit, bravo.

Later, the couple receive quite a blow according to Jenny. A visit to an immigration lawyer isn’t what they expected. Is it ever on this show? It seems according to Indian law, paperwork will be sent to his permanent address. Which would mean his parents find out he’s not working out-of-town, but shacked up with Jenny in a shrink wrapped apartment across town. The two leave very upset. But Sumit assures her it will work out for them on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Tiffany Franco Puts Ronald Smith In Time Out on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Tiffany with the good hair is not happy. Her soon to be hubby is still fresh outta rehab and already reeking of booze and bad decisions. Thanks to a bachelor party that in all honesty was pretty lame. (At least what we saw). But not for a recovering man-child gambling addict with a rap sheet who even stole from his mother. Tiffany’s asking hard questions. Why should she trust him when he’s breaking promises already?

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ronald pulls out a stock defense. When that dusty stripper was rubbing her lady parts all over him on an old La-Z-Boy in a practically empty bar in the daylight, all he could think of was Tiffany. And how she was going to be looking down her cute little nose ring at his eternally screwed up self. Like she will for the rest of their lives. I’d say the odds are damn good on that. Till next week!

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