’90 Day Fiance’ Colt Johnson’s Many Ladies Bicker on Tell-All [Recap]

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After‘s Tell-All part one saw Colt Johnson under attack from two ladies while another two defended him. Andrei Castravet also was on the defense as the family Potthast refused to admit they were mean in Moldova. Plus, Angela Deem was masked and menacing. Asuelu Pulaa couldn’t take the heat and Kalani Faagata had to reel him in to finish the show. There were plenty of ta-ta’s, tantrums, and tempers on these tempestuous Tell All.

Remote Tell All On Happily Ever After – 90 Day Fiance Cast Cleans Up for Cameras

Season enders sure look different these days due to the pandemic. Instead of everyone chatting in the green room in New York City before hitting the couches, the couples get ready at home. Libby Potthast and Andrei Castravet admit they are on each other’s nerves during the quarantine. Kalani Faagata curls her hair but sits alone — unsure if Asuelu Pulaa will participate in the 90 Day Fiance Tell All.

As squares fill the screen like one big dysfunctional Zoom meeting, the cast reacts to each other. Colt Johnson and mother Debbie Johnson are shocked to see Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s bountiful new assets. Colt makes a comment about her wanting to be Dolly Parton. Why would Coltee insult a country music legend, though? Asuelu sneaks in to join Kalani and 90 Day Fiance Tell All host Shaun feigns surprise.

Angela Deem is ready to go in a black cloth face drape. When Shaun asks if it’s for COVID, the Georgia meemaw says no. She’s getting dental work done and has an abscess… TMI even from the Zoom space. Then, Shaun gets ready to start the show after telling everyone that Paul Staehle and Karine Martins “could not” be present. Is that a euphemism for TLC not inviting them? Hmm….

Colt Johnson In The Hot Seat At The Tell All

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After event could easily be called six degrees of Colt Johnson. First, his ex-girlfriend, Jess Caroline, pipes in to tell him to shut up after he says “hi”. Jess is possibly the worst actor to be planted in the series — other than Eric Nichols who’s there propping up plastic surgery model and Colt ex-wife Larissa Lima. Jess mocks Debbie’s red blouse and tells her red for the devil.

Debbie tells Jess that she’d take Larissa over her any day. 90 Day Fiance hanger-on Larissa shifts her monstrous mammaries while screaming at Colt Johnso’s mom “you have no morals beetch.” Shaun admits Larissa looks “different”. Um… she said different not good. Larissa calls Colt fat. Then mama Debbie takes offense and accuses Larissa and Jess of destroying Colt’s relationships.

Eric just looks bored and Larissa flips her wordee of the day calendar and calls Colt Johnson a cuckold. 90 Day Fiance second-stringer Jess chimes in that Colt is a liar who sends peen pics to the world. He doesn’t deny it and Angela says she’d like one. Andrei piles on Larissa about her kids after Syngin Colchester starts in on her. It’s clear the Colt Johnson has 99 problems and Brazilians are at least three of them.

Moldovan Mess On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All

Andrei Castravet and wife Elizabeth Potthast admit quarantine hasn’t been easy. Andrei, never one to sugarcoat, says he gets tired of Libby’s face. Shaun asks Andrei if he’s working yet. He gets defensive and says there isn’t anything wrong with staying home with his daughter. Libby says he doesn’t really do much but take out the trash and wash cars. And she thinks her 90 Day Fiance hubby could do more.

Andrei deflects and yells he’s still the “man of the house”. Tania Maduro starts going on about gender roles. Her hubby Syngin agrees with his witch doctor wife. Andrei makes a dig that Larissa looks like Michael Jackson 3.0. And she checks her cleavage and screeches that she has a job. Ironic that TLC has since fired her. The 90 Day Fiance Tell All keeps grinding – part 1 of 3 – yes three…

Next, Libby’s dad Chuck Potthast, tipsy toaster Charlie, and daughter Karen (I mean Jenn) get ready. We revisit peasant food, pork fat, and Charlie’s drunken toast at the wedding. Andrei reminds Jenn that she eats pork fat when she eats bacon and that she needs to think about the pig. In the end, Andrei says he will partner with Chuck in real estate. It’s a 90 Day Fiance yawner.

Angela Deem Gets Emotional About Her Wedding

90 Day Fiance host Shaun switches the focus to newlyweds Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem. The couple’s been apart during quarantine since Angela can’t travel to Nigeria. And Michael can’t come to the US until the spousal visa is approved. Angela admits her extreme jealousy isn’t easy to manage when they are so far apart. Then, she says she wishes she met Libby’s dad before marrying Michael.

Then we revisit the bachelor/bachelorette party on 90 Day Fiance. She’s upset that Michael looked past her at some dancer’s “cooter”. The rest of the cast weighs in on their attitudes about strip clubs. Larissa says she wouldn’t mind Eric getting a lap dance. Libby says that Larissa is a f–ing stripper. And Larissa screeches more on the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All while Libby says her hubby’s above that.

Angela says she tried to make Michael jealous by dancing with his hot friend Dre. Michael says he trusts his friend, so it was all good. After an argument about whether or not Michael ever had a lap dance, Shaun suggests they watch the wedding. Angela gets emotional and takes off her mic after watching the scene. Michael says it’s because she was upset her family couldn’t be there. It’s 90 Day Fiance sadness.

Asuelu Fails Quarantine But Comes Home on 90 Day Fiance

This part of the bottomless Tell All wraps with Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa. Kalani sent him packing when he wouldn’t stop playing volleyball during COVID. It seems her mom has a heart condition and would be at high risk for complications from the coronavirus. Asuelu missed his wife and kids. So, he came back. But he’s still not following the rules. Then, she says they are in a very rocky place.

Kalani’s mom declares her 90 Day Fiance son-in-law irresponsible. Her sister wants them to split and thinks it’s only a matter of time. Asuelu has a new gig as a dance instructor. Shaun asks where the money from that job goes. And he says it stays with them. They replay the car ride scene where Asuelu calls Kalani names. So, he gets mad and tries to walk off after her sister gets mad about his attitude.

Asueleu swears again on the 90 Day Fiance Tell All. He’s honestly like a kid who just learned bad words. Kalani convinces him to stay put and they bring on his sister Tammy who wants to beat up Kalani. And his mom who just wants the money. Asuelu is a little upset when he sees how they really treated Kalani and that his mom said she doesn’t care about his kids. Part one of three was painful – and #2 should live up to its number.

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