’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Johnson Betrays Mother Debbie?

90 Day Fiance Colt Johnson may finally be tired of Mama Debbie Johnson’s meals. While Debbie Johnson‘s cooking may be hearty, it’s not the healthiest fare. So, Colt has turned his back on his mother’s cooking. It seems he is outsourcing his nutritional needs and using a food company to do it.

Colt Johnson is using his Instagram clout to promote the service. What’s the latest on Colt’s new eating regimen?

90 Day Fiance News: Colt Johnson’s New Meal Plan

90 Day Fiance‘s Colt Johnson has been making a handful of life changes since his split from Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Along with a new car and a new hairstyle, Colt is getting fit and dropping the pounds. He was spotted at Disney a few weeks ago looking leaner and more toned. In addition, he recently updated his Instagram with a picture of his progress. He even shared a picture with his new personal trainer.

Part of committing to a weight loss regimen is making sure you’re eating right as you drop the pounds. It seems Colt Johnson is taking the next step in that journey. 702 prep touts their fresh, never frozen approach to food. Their business model seems to cater to busy people looking to lose weight that don’t have the time to fuss with meal planning. As an added bonus for Colt, they’re located in Nevada.

It looks like the software engineer is taking a page out of the Instagram influencer playbook. He’s promoting the company on his IG. Moreover, interested 90 Day Fiance watchers can redeem a discount code.

90 Day Fiance Update: Colt Johnson Showing Off New Revenge Body

Colt Johnson has definitely turned his life around and taken this journey seriously. Ever since Larissa left the picture, Colt has been on something of a soul-searching journey. Initially, it started with philosophical quotes and introspective snaps on Instagram. It certainly looks like he’s taking that inspiration one step further with dropping the weight and committing to meal plans.

Mama Debbie’s cooking isn’t exactly for the health-conscious consumer. Still, Debbie Johnson is likely proud of her son and all the recent lifestyle changes he made. There have been a lot of legal issues to sort through as far as Larissa is concerned. In addition, Colt Johnson’s weight is another thing his 90 Day Fiance detractors pick on. As he is getting slimmer, it’s one less thing for his haters to bad-mouth.

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What’s Next for Colt?

On the other hand, some 90 Day Fiance followers joked that they thought Debbie Johnson did all of Colt’s meal preparations for him. Even with the tongue-in-cheek comments, Colt seems to be taking it all in stride. When a TLC viewer spotted him at Disney a few weeks back, they noted that he had a mystery woman with him that looked similar to his former flame.

Colt is a few weeks in to his current workout routine. Combining that fat-burning power with this new meal prep company, it’ll be interesting to see his transformation in the coming weeks.

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