’90 Day Fiance’: Did Colt Find Out New Girlfriend Jess is Just Looking for Fame?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Colt Johnson looked happy lately with his new girlfriend Jess Caroline but has something changed? Since his split from ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Colt Johnson kept his dates somewhat of a mystery. Until Jess Caroline was outed – but just how long will this last?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Is Jess Caroline Still Floating the Boat for Colt Johnson?

When the 90 Day Fiance star’s new girlfriend emerged, people assumed she’s the one floating Colt Johnson’s boat these days. Or at least it looked that way. But some folks online question this girl’s motives.

Colt Johnson’s once mystery girl is posted in pictures all over the online world today. She’s even striking poses that mirror Colt’s ex, Larissa. Once Jess Caroline was outed as Colt’s new girlfriend people took notice.

This made her someone 90 Day Fiance fans wanted to hear from. Well, she didn’t waste any time offering up her thoughts to the media. But now that she’s shared her thoughts and many pictures, it looks like she’s enjoying the fame awarded by dating Colt.

Happily Ever After: Colt’s New Gal Jess A Bit Insensitive?

When jumping into Colt and Larissa’s past 90 Day Fiance relationship, it seems Jess doesn’t see either Colt or Larissa as a victim in their split. Jess sees them as a couple who became toxic and went their separate ways.

Colt’s new lady love also didn’t hook up with him as a  90 Day Fiance star-struck fan. Or so she says. She claims he’s just a nice guy who treats her right. But while talking about Colt she didn’t appear very sensitive.

At one point she writes, “If you say, ‘He’s ugly and fat,’ well, he can lose weight.” No one wants to hear those thoughts coming from a new love interest. She followed that up with a blurb about how losing weight rapidly isn’t very healthy. It sounded as if she was saying he’s working on it.

90 Day Fiance: Too Much, Too Soon?

Jess did say that she watched 90 Day Fiance so she knows all that went on during the different seasons between Colt, Larissa, and Mother Debbie Johnson. She also had to know once the public found out she was dating the Happily Ever After celeb, she would be much sought after.

It was first reported that she started dating Colt Johnson as a lark of sorts. But Jess claims she’s with this 90 Day Fiance celeb because she wants to be.

A few of her recent online poses mirror the same type of poses Larissa has plastered online. Was that a red flag of things to come. Both of Colt’s ladies, one past and one present, get quite cheeky in short-shorts poses.

They certainly both grabbed a lot of attention from these poses as well. If she didn’t care to draw attention to herself, that’s probably not the way to do it. Stay tuned for more Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline news.

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