’90 Day Fiance’: Colt & Debbie Johnson Both Have Crabs

90 Day Fiance stars Debbie Johnson and Colt Johnson are both opening up about how Debbie got crabs and gave them to Colt. Even though it was crabs of the seafood variety, this mother and son duo is leaving a few fans wondering if they’re too close.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson Reveals New Job

90 Day Fiance celebrity Debbie Johnson is coming out of retirement to work a new job. But, even though she’s working a new job, this isn’t stopping her from living with her son. Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson are spending a lot of time together.

This comes after Colt Johnson’s divorce from Larissa Dos Santos Lima. However, Colt lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Debbie’s coming out of retirement. This is so she can take the stress off of Colt’s shoulders. But, Colt talks about fearing for his mother’s safety, because of her health conditions.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance personality is working as a delivery driver. And she’s working so hard that she’s recently been able to purchase herself a brand new car. She shows this new purchase online and is supported by the many people who love her.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson Gets a Surprise From Mystery Man

90 Day Fiance star Debbie is dressing up in all yellow as she’s standing outside. She’s also got a yellow face mask on. And as she opens the tin foil pan, there’s a man who’s standing behind a camera as he’s filming her.

She takes the lid off and starts dancing for the man. And she’s saying “mmmm.” As she continues to open up the lid, the mystery man walks closer to her. There’s some tension between Debbie and the gentleman, as he asks her if she’s doing a happy dance. But, Debbie doesn’t give him a response.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson Gets Crabs From His Mother

90 Day Fiance celebrity Debbie continues to dance. But, the gentleman shows off to the camera what’s inside of the tin. There are potatoes, shrimp, andouille sausage, and crab legs inside of the aluminum tin. The crab meat and everything is covered in heavy seasoning and parsley.

As she bites into a piece of shrimp, she says it’s “so good.” The person asks her if she’s from 90 Day Fiance and she says she is. Then, she says she’s Colt’s mom. Next, Debbie shows Colt eating the crab boil from Alexi Boil in Las Vegas.

Colt picks a shrimp out of the boil. And he comments about how large the piece of shrimp is. He says “holy cow” as he peels off the shell. Also, he talks about how much he’s enjoying the collection of seafood that he’s eating.

Next, he asks his fans what they’re doing for the Super Bowl.

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