’90 Day Fiance’: Cheese Stick Tim’s a Cheater – Melyza Wasting Her Time?

90 Day Fiance’s new couple Tim admits he’s a human cheese stick – but that cheese is sour for Melyza based on the nasty secret he kept from her. Also, Deavan’s back to SK with her kids and potty-mouthed mom. Also, Brittany wastes no time hitting the tequila after her blow-up with Yazan. And Kenneth says a tearful goodbye to his family as he goes to be with Armando. Grab some dairy goods and tissues and let’s take a closer look at season 2 episode 5 Wing And A Prayer. The show airs Mondays at 9 PM on TLC.

Tim Confesses Cheating On Melyza on 90 Day Fiance

We finally meet Tim and Melyza on this week’s episode of TOW. Tim lives in Texas with his emotional support cat, Pepe. He says he’s a literal American stereotype — hamburgers, hot dogs, and an unfortunate childhood nickname of “cheese stick.” He claims he resembles the portable dairy snack as a youngster. Photos prove it. Tim and Pepe head out to get a harness and leash. Kitty’s not having it.

90 Day Fiance newbie Tim gives his backstory. Straight-laced until high school, Tim fell into partying some light crime. Then, he met Colombian cutie Melyza at a bar. She was an au pair. Despite having no game, dairy stick Tim somehow wound up with her. They’ve been together long-distance ever since. Tim calls out her legs and nice butt and gets hot and bothered. Easy cheesy…

Tim grabs brews with friends and tells them he’s moving to Colombia to be with Melyza. In a 90 Day Fiance franchise first, his friends love Melyza and are 100% on board. Then, Tim drops the bomb that the reason beloved Melyza isn’t coming here is that he cheated with a coworker. Between sniffles, Tim says he isn’t proud. They’re disgusted by Tim, but support him giving it a go.

Deavan Clegg Is Back in South Korea And Nobody Is Happy

On 90 Day Fiance, Jihoon Lee packs stuff randomly into garbage bags and suitcases. His parents tease him about finally moving out. But Jihoon isn’t in a laughing mood. He knows wife Deavan is on the way with their kids and her mom Elicia Clegg. He describes Mom Clegg as an explosive hothead. His mother, who’s more passive-aggressive, suggests Jihoon school Deavan on how to be more likeable.

On the flight, 90 Day Fiance Deavan is the only one awake. The family Jihoon waits at the airport. Jihoon says he feels like he’s going to throw up. As he doesn’t really have a real job and wifey doesn’t know this. He’s also very afraid of Elicia. Finally, they arrive and Deavan’s miserable because Jihoon brought his parents. Elicia shouts she and hers are greasy and nasty then puts Jihoon’s parents in a WWE-worthy hug/headlock combo.

On 90 Day Fiance, Jihoon’s mom wonders why mama Clegg suffocated them but says it was nice. Then, she reminds that in S. Korea, a bow’s more appropriate. They pile into a small yellow bus, much to Drascilla’s delight. But Elicia freaks and starts f-bombing and freaking. It gets worse when they get to the apartment Deavan rented. It’s not in the best neighborhood. And the roof appears to be caving in. Fun times.

Nobody Puts Baby Biniyam In The Corner On 90 Day Fiance

As Ariela Danielle and her mom head to Ethiopia, we take some time to get to know baby daddy Biniyam Shibre. He has a unique nickname too and it’s not a convenience store snack. But rather “baby”. As his parents died when he was in his early teens. So, he’s kind of everyone’s baby. He currently lives with his brother and wife. Biniyam boasts a resume as a personal trainer, MMA fighter, and aspiring rapper.

He is excited about being a father for the second time on 90 Day Fiance. He was married to an American woman before and they had a son. But, she’s got his son in the states and the kid doesn’t know him. His pals worry Ariela will do the same thing. But, he says it’s the real deal with her. They didn’t plan on a baby but quickly “fell on the bed” and it kind of just happened. But, he’s got faith they can make it work.

Brittany Sees A New Side Of Yazan And Has Second Thoughts on The Other Way

Yazan blindsided Brittany Banks in Jordan on 90 Day Fiance. He flipped his s*it when his American girl hugged production and scored some Patron. He berates her in the car and shoves his fingers in her face telling her to be quiet. Then, he wonders why she retreats and starts to cry. He tries to turn her face towards him, but it annoys her more.

Yazan thinks she’s being disrespectful of him and his culture on 90 Day Fiance. She thinks he’s overreacting and showing a scary side she’s never seen. She’s worried to admit her divorce isn’t final. After dropping her at the hotel, and not helping with her bags, Yazan bails to let her “calm down”. Brittany pours a much-needed glass of Patron and wonders what’s next.

Kenneth Leaves His Family in Tears on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

In a scene to break even the biggest TLC skeptic, Kenneth says goodbye to his kids and grandson to head to Mexico. First, he packs up his vast collection of skincare products (no wonder he looks great) and spends time with his grandson. The rest of the kids say goodbye and it’s raw tears, hugs, and emotion. Even the dogs look sad. Kenneth says he never thought it would be this hard.

90 Day Fiance’s Kenneth finally drives off sobbing along with the rest of the world that’s watching. As he pulls away, the camera shows his family waving in the rear-view mirror. It’s going to be a long road for these fan favorites. Scenes from next week show Armando Rubio leaving his family. So, stock up on Kleenex. You can watch The Other Way Monday nights at 9 on TLC.

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