90 Day Fiance: Can TLC Force Anfisa Nava to Film New Episodes?

90 Day Fiance alum Anfisa Arkhipchenko revealed on Instagram that she’s being bullied by Sharp Entertainment to film new episodes of the TLC show. Even though Jorge Nava is in prison, it seems they’re not letting up on her.

Anfisa Nava says they’re demanding she film – even though she doesn’t want to. She spilled tea on a demand letter sent by the production company then encouraged her beloved cat Monkey to destroy the message from 90 Day Fiance producers.

Anfisa Nava Calls Out Sharp Entertainment

On her Insta Stories posted recently, Anfisa Arkhipchenko opened up about how the production company is trying to force her to film new episodes. She seems to think that she has rights and they do not. Unfortunately, reality TV show legal agreements don’t always work that way.

On the short video, Anfisa said she and Jorge Nava wanted to do some other things on their own – without Sharp Entertainment – like a YouTube channel and other things. But 90 Day Fiance is haunting her.


Anfisa confirmed a few days ago that she’s not part of the show. See above. But with this letter in hand, will she be forced to change her tune? On the Insta Stories video, she said the didn’t want to “become the show’s little b*tches and do whatever they tell us to like some people but you know – you know what choice we made”.

Anfisa was clearly talking about other 90 Day Fiance couples that are only too happy to do what production wants including planned or scripted scenes. She said, “All this mess happened like couple months ago and after that, I haven’t heard from the production company”.


Letter Says She Will Be on New Season of 90 Day Fiance

Anfisa Nava Arkhipchenko said in her video: “A couple days ago I get a letter from them [90 Day Fiance] – this letter [holds it up] – one for me, one for Jorge – saying that they renewed us for a new season without us even signing anything”.

Then she showed her cat, Monkey, devouring the message from Sharp Entertainment. She praised the cat. Then she said, “Who cares about that letter?” Anfisa might not care, but maybe she should. As a Russian, she might not understand what she signed.

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava

Anfisa also mocked the producers. She said: “So I know that they got some footage of Jorge when he had his court hearings, whatnot, and that’s what you’re going to show or what?” Then she asked, “Are you going to show up at my door and start filming? Can somebody please explain?”

Okay, we will attempt to explain. Reality cast contracts can be tricky and Anfisa Nava might not understand what exactly she signed on for when she inked that deal with 90 Day Fiance. In fact, Sharp might have a lot more control over her life than she knows.


Intrusive Reality Television Contracts Are Common

One entertainment lawyer that specializes in reality TV contracts told The Wrap about how he works. The attorney said his job is “to strip… as many rights and as much legal recourse as he can dream of before they’re put on camera”. From one season competition shows like Survivor or The Voice to relationship shows like this, most don’t know what they’re signing on for.

Also, many sign the contract without the benefit of legal counsel. 90 Day Fiance wouldn’t hire them a lawyer… As for foreigners like Anfisa Arkhipchenko, if they’re not presented a contract drafted in their native language, that seems doubly unfair. So when Anfisa asked if they [90 Day Fiance] are going to show up with cameras in hand on her doorstep, maybe they will.

In fact, the agreement she and Jorge signed may contain the option to auto-renew without a new signature. Of course, she might be able to sue to get out of the contract. But that requires money to afford a lawyer.

90 Day Fiance Contracts – What They Require

A source connected to production that often leaks us information provided a copy of the onerous legal doc that 90 Day Fiance participants sign with Sharp Entertainment. We will not reproduce that agreement here. But the upshot is they have no control or rights over how they are presented on the TLC show.

The agreement says they can release footage that is unfavorable, intimate, or embarrassing. It even specifies they can mock aspects of their personal appearance. The document also specifies that they may script scenes. Plus, Sharp can tell them what to do and wear and they agree to comply. Sharp and TLC also can use any of their social media, videos, etc., as they want.

The cast cannot sue if they are injured making the show – no matter what. In fact, they can’t sue them at all. As to extensions and renewals, the copy of the agreement we saw didn’t address it but agreements this long and tedious often have addendums and schedules attached.

Must Anfisa Film 90 Day Fiance or Can She Get Out of It?

This is where things get tricky. The agreement gives the producers of the show lots of latitude to show participants on 90 Day Fiance. There are clauses about not bad-mouthing the show. There are limits on personal appearances. They control how past cast can leverage their reality TV fame to make a buck.

So, while Anfisa might be able to say “no” to more filming, they might be able to leverage her. They may be able to sue for her talking about them on her Insta Stories. The don’t trash talk us clause seems to extend to perpetuity the ban on disparaging the production company or network. She smack talked Sharp Entertainment and let her cat eat the letter.

So, Anfisa Nava may have legally disparaged them. The question is, will Sharp and TLC do something about it? Or will they drop her peacefully from the roster for the network? What do you think? Should the producers of 90 Day Fiance leave Anfisa Nava Arkhipchenko alone?

Jorge Nava is in prison and she’s alone with her cat in a foreign country.  It seems like Anfia already has enough on her plate. We’ll keep you updated on this story and whether the network pushes to make her film another season.

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