’90 Day Fiance’: Blake and Jasmin Marriage Certificate – See When They Married and Details

90 Day Fiance‘s Blake Abelard married Jasmin Lahtinen this Fall and we’ve got the marriage license. While TLC always shows drama – some real and some likely manufactured – most of the couples wind up marrying. In this case, rapper and music producer Blake married Finnish gymnast Jasmin a few months ago. Check out the details below.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmin Lahtinen Meets Blake Abelard Friends – But Was That TLC Frauding?

Although Blake Abelard’s been in a long-distance relationship (LDR) with Jasmin Lahtinen for awhile, TLC’s playing this like his friends never met her. However, a scan of Jasmin’s social shows you that this isn’t her first trip to LA to spend time with Blake Abelard – far from it.

Remember, Jasmin Lahtinen’s sister Janet Lahtinen lives in Los Angeles. She emigrated thanks to a visa lottery. And she visits her sister in California frequently. Over the past five and a half years, Jasmin visited the US many times to see her sister. And that’s when she met her 90 Day Fiance and now husband, Blake Abelard.

Her travel timeline shows roughly three visits to America each year since 2014. So, it seems likely Jasmin Lahtinen already met Blake Abelard’s friends and family – long before 90 Day Fiance cameras got involved. So, viewers should take these “introduction” scenes with a grain of salt.

Blake Married Jasmin Fall 2019 – See the Details and Timeline

Remember on 90 Day Fiance, Blake Abelard said he was on a dating app and found Jasmin Lahtinen. He thought she was a local LA girl then found out she’s Finnish. So, that sparked their LDR. However, she’s in LA every few months on a visitor visa to see her sister Janet.

She’s confirmed three times in 2016 and frequently thereafter. Then, they were together in Sweden in 2018, so there’s a lot of visitation activity with Blake Abelard and his then-girlfriend Jasmin Lahtinen and then he put a ring on it to start the 90 Day Fiance process.

This is unlike many of the other TLC couples who see each other rarely. In fact, that bodes well for Jasmin Lahtinen and Blake as a pair since they’ve been in a “real” in-person relationship for years now. Then, their 90 Day Fiance timeline shows she arrived in late Summer and they wed in October.

See Blake Abelard and wife Jasmin Lahtinen’s marriage certificate below.

90 Day Fiance: Blake Abelard - Jasmin Lahtinen - Marriage License Certificate

90 Day Fiance Marriage License Confirms Wedding

You can see the pic up above of Jasmin Lahtinen with Blake Abelard on their wedding day. However, it came with no details. We’ve got them now thanks to research. We obtained their marriage license and executed certificate. There’s some interesting 90 Day Fiance tidbits there.

First, they had a friend officiate that got ordained online to perform the wedding. Plus, judging by the pics, it was a gorgeous outdoor Fall wedding to his 90 Day Fiance and now-wife Jasmin Lahtinen. One last piece of news from the official Jasmin-Blake marriage record is that she’s taken his name.

So, from now on, she’ll go by the name Jasmin Annina Abelard. So, congrats to her and Blake Abelard for their wedding and new life. Watch their story unfold Sunday nights on the TLC show.

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